U23 is subject to Sprockhövel and looks at Finnentrop

The U23 had to start their journey home from Sprockhövel in the late Sunday afternoon without points in their luggage. Even if the result sounds 2: 5 clearly, more was possible. “It was a very annoying course of the game that should not have been so and especially in the height,” says coach Kieran Schulze-Marmeling. For him and his team, it continues on Thursday evening (7:45 p.m.) when the eagle carriers receive the SG Finnentrop/Bamenohl in the Provincial Youngstars Arena.

opportunities on both sides

“We came in very well against Sprockhövel and could have taken the lead after a minute,” continued the U23 coach. Kevin Schacht promised the ball only seconds after the kick-off and a TSG defender was able to clarify in the greatest need. At the following corner, Marius Mause came to the ball, but missed the goal. “Rather out of nowhere we collect the 0: 1. Then we lost a little thread “Dilhan Demir (21st) met for the home side, Nazzareno Ciccarelli (40th) increased with a direct free kick. “Before the break, we had three or four big chances and after the break we dominated and deservedly balanced.” Marius Mause (43.) scored the connection goal, Kevin Schacht (58.). Again it was Ciccarelli (61st) who, in the good phase of the eagle, converted a free kick directly – 2: 3. “We open out at the back, but made two individual mistakes that lead to goals. That was annoying, because the chance relationship was balanced, ”Kieran Schulze-Marmeling was annoyed with the final result.

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“We are now glad that things will go on quickly and that we can do it better,” continued Schulze-Marmeling, who emphasizes: “We have now scored ten goals in four games, but only scored five points. That is too little, we have to work on it. ”Finnentrop/Bamenohl is also not on a relegation zone in the relegation round and is a point behind the U23. The impetus is on artificial turf at 19:45.