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The legendary game of Petka and HIV is distributed for free

In honor of the upcoming May holidays, Buk prepared a great gift to all lovers of mobile gaming: the classic quest “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich saving the galaxy: rebooting” is now available on Android and iOS for free! The game supports the latest versions of mobile operating systems, large -format screens and convenient management on smartphones and tablets.

Download your favorite quest for free, “without SMS and registration”, you can in Google Play Market and App Store .

Gamers of the older generation probably remember one of the best humorous quests of our country, published back in 1998. The game told the anecdotal story of two Russian soldiers-the commander of Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev and Private Petka, who were to find the missing banner of the Red Army and at the same time save the world from the aliens-segments.


In 2016, Buka released the reissue of “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich” in Steam and on mobile platforms! The updated game has retained the atmosphere of the original, but at the same time fully supports modern computer and mobile operating systems. In addition, all locations were manually painted under large -format screens and more convenient control was added.