Overwatch 2: Sojourn, Push, Reworks & 5v5

When Blizzard announced a new IP for the first time with Overwatch many years ago, skepticism among the players was still quite large. The team shooter, which emerged from the remains of the set project Titan, did not really want to fit into the picture of the other Blizzard titles. After the release in 2016, this skepticism was not much to see . Overwatch became a great success of the California developer and with the Overwatch League also left a lasting impression in the world of eSport. At the BlizzCon 2019 it was finally so far and Blizzard announced full -bodied Overwatch 2. The successor should bring unique PVE content and improved PvP content and be compatible with the predecessor.

The announcement then followed… the big silence. For a long time, the official information about Overwatch 2 was limited to “We are still working on it”. Here and there a small info bush to revisions or new features, but there was really no such thing. All the more astonishing, because at the 2019 announcement it seemed as if the development was quite far.

Apparently, a lot was thrown over the pile internally, with Jeff Kaplan’s departure, the spiritual father of Overwatch, and the scandal around Blizzard did not help. In the meantime, however, the time has come and Overwatch 2 takes on forms. As part of a closed alpha and of the recently started, closed beta we were able to get an idea of what Overwatch 2 should offer us.

all about pvp

Anyone who, like some of us, had hoped, can finally see what the developers came up with in terms of PVE content for Overwatch was already disappointed right from the start. The current test phase is all about the PvP content. Hero missions and story content remain behind closed doors for the time being.

Difficult to test
Although the alpha, from which it was only allowed to be reported at the end, has been around for a while, we have decided to wait for the beta to start before we report on our experiences. Because the player in the Alpha was so small and, due to the mixture of pro players and media representatives, partly so far apart that the few games (after a long, long waiting period) had something to do with the practice of a normal match. In places, the current test phase actually feels more after a new patch and less after a successor. Of course, this is mainly because players from Overwatch 2 should continue to be able to play together with players of the first part. Therefore, adjustments regarding game content, features or graphics are within the framework. But what is all part of the Alpha and Beta?

The content of the test phase – Alpha and Beta

Already in the alpha phase, from which it was only possible to officially report after their end, the new heroine Sojourn was implemented. It extends the contingent of the DPS classes and offers other options for the teams. During the Alpha, the revisions of various heroes were added – the biggest of them are certainly the adjustments to Doomfist, which now counts as a tank, as well as orisa and (again) bastion.

But the new game mode “Push” and the new team size could also be tested and spoilers: both already feel quite good. On the other hand, the adjustments to the various menus and the like were less spectacular. Yes, they make Overwatch look a little more modern, but that is hardly worth the speech and nobody will turn their back on the team shooter because they don’t like the menus.

Overwatch 2 Alpha Hands-On: Sojourn Abilities, Orisa + Bastion Rework, Push Impressions Feat Stylosa

the new heroine Sojourn

The new heroine Sojourn fits well into the heroes’ ranks. Source: Blizzard, however, we start with what the Overwatch players in principle interests the most – the new heroine SOJURN. The new heroine is a former member of the Overwatch initiative and integrates itself as a DPS hero. In the future, she will probably make 76 competition in the future, which is not only due to her origin, but above all because of her skills. Because it is wiesel flink on the way and has a fire power that is not to be despised.
Here is the skills of Sojourn at a glance:

Primary fire: Railgun – Funs projectiles on the opponent in quick succession and build energy
Secondary fire: Railgun – unloads the energy in a shot that causes a lot of damage
Ability 1: Powerslide – slips forward very quickly, can be broken off into a high jump
Ability 2: disruption shot – fires a bullet that sticks and slows down opponents nearby and harms them to damage
Ultimate: overclocking * – Your Railgun automatically loads energy very quickly and the shots pour out of opponents and add all damage in your trajectory

SOJURN is playfully reminiscent of Soldier 76. Fast change of position and a high precision with the crosshair are among the heroine’s key strengths. Fortunately, her rail gun is less strongly exhausted as Soldier’s impulse rifle when firing, which also brings long firefights to her – as long as she stays at medium distance. The Railgun is hardly suitable over major distances.

At first glance, Sojourn therefore appears like a good hero for newcomers. After a few rounds, we would rather advise against this. Anyone who just blushes behind the tank and fires in the direction of the opponent (which newcomers often do) give away enormous potential. Thanks to the jump from the Power Slide, Sojourn is a rather mobile hero and should also be played like this. Fast sides and the opponent fall into the flank or back – here the Overwatch heroine can score – especially in view of the new team format, to which we will come later.

It is also immensely important for sojourn players that they bring as many shots as possible. Because only the direct hits charge the weapon, which allows you to use the secondary mode. Anyone who fires half of the time or is generally not a big fan of precise targets will not have a lot of fun with the new DPS heroine.

In order to get more shots to the finish, it naturally helps immensely if the opponent does not move at all or at least very slowly. And this is exactly where the ability Disruptor shot comes into play. This enables you to slow opponents in the effect area and also add damage to them. If you have hit it well, the rest is more reminiscent of clay pigeon shooting – but they are balling back.

our first conclusion to Sojourn

At the first tests on our part, we really liked sojourn. She is finally a mobile heroine again, but she doesn’t play as hectic as Tracer, for example. The selection of skills that not only interlock, but also logically build on each other was convincing. Here she has a lot ahead of some other heroes.

However, this game must of course like this, which is much more reminiscent of a classic shooter and is less based on the sometimes unusual skills of the Overwatch heroes. If you can do something with it, you should definitely give sojourn a chance. The only drawback was balancing during our tests. Here the new heroine seemed necessary to have some love to get better into the overall picture of the DPS heroes.

We continue on page 2 – with the new game mode and the new team composition!

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