How is it here, 50 billion won investment… Corporate value of 1.2 trillion won

Here, the company announced on the 28th that it was successful in attracting 50 billion won from Mirae Asset Capital, and was recognized for its corporate value of 1.2 trillion won.

The investment was the main investor of KDB Capital and GS Retail, led by Mirae Asset Group.

The company explained that travel and leisure consumption have been reorganized online, resulting in remarkable growth.

In the last five years, the average annual sales growth rate has been 53%. Last year, it recorded KRW 24.9 billion, up 60% year -on -year. Operating profit increased 35% to W15.5bn, achieving surplus for three consecutive years.

Here, the company explained, “The expectation that it will benefit the greatest benefit of travel and leisure companies ahead of Endemick is reflected in the investment.”

Jung Myung -hoon, the representative, said, “Mirae Asset Capital has been paying attention to the outstanding growth of this time.” I will do it. ”

In this case, the company recently launched a “spatial rental” service such as a rental car reservation, a party room, and a studio. The company is aggressively expanding its business by starting overseas travel services next month.

Kim Kyung -mo, head of the Mirae Asset Capital Venture Investment Division, said, “This is a rare startup that achieves both high growth and profits.” I will make it. ”