You can now buy a PS5 from Euronics

You really intend to buy a PS5? After a long time, Euronics finally has some on offer again. We at MeinMMO present you all essential info.

The PS5 is still in brief supply a year as well as a half after the market launch.
When bigger drops finally take area at trustworthy dealerships, it is all the better.
Just like with Euronics.

The team offers you the complying with today:

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and very crucial: As always, the dealer has a line up. To move them into it, you initially need to submit a captcha. This is a computing job that you fix as well as do not simply need to cross out.
I wish you success!

Below you will locate the summary web page of the PS5 bundles used by Euronics.

The maximum order quantity is limited to one piece per consumer as well as only Click & Gather is used in one of the dealerships’ branches.

  • PS5 package including Horizon: Forbidden West
  • PlayStation 5 Disc variation

Buy PS5 – care for these suppliers from currently on

You truly want to get a PS5? as well as really crucial: As always, the dealer has a queue. If you didn’t obtain PS5, then it’s ideal to drop in our ticker.