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Battlefield 2042 makes fun of change to a controversial characteristic

Why Is BATTLEFIELD 2042 Getting So Much HATE?
There are many things _ battle_ of the fans do not like _ battle 2042_. However, one of the biggest repairs that players have with the game are their specialists. Unfortunately, for these players, they are fundamental for the design of the game, which means they will not go anywhere. However, this does not mean that changes can not be made where the design limits of the game allow it. To this end, he says he has advanced that changes are aveined in the specialists.

“I still have the annoying voices in Off, and where is the EOR scoreboard, since when or why it has been left for the end and you have to press start to activate it,” said a fan over in the EA forums. “The EOR should go to the upper team, then the personal prizes in the game and then the score should appear. Just get rid of that nonsense of voice off, it’s annoying and really does not make me want to play. “

It was in response to this that a verified developer of the game mocked that some changes in “the style and the tone” are coming to the specialists. «We have heard your comments about the voice lines of EOR, and it is something we are actively reviewing. Wait for changes in the style and tone in a future update, “said the developer.

When will these changes come? The developer does not say it, but if they are currently in process, it should not take a long time. Once again, however, although this type of changes are on the board for specialists, do not expect anything drastic.

“It’s not so easy. I saw the proposals of the community… and more design work is required, “said another developer about the changes proposed to specialists at the beginning of this month. “Specialists touch many parts of the game that must be taken into account during a redesign. Therefore, it is more than taking it and coding it ».

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