Released Korean version of RPG, Young Soul

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Jun Hae) is developed by 1P2P and publishing the Arcade Crew (the Arcade Crew), the Action Rall Playing Game ‘Young Souls’ Nintendo Switch Korean Package and PS4 Download Version April 22) said it was formally released.

Zen and Tristan, who lost his childhood parents, was adopted to a mysterious scientist. Scientists accepted their twins as his father and raised their twins, but one day, one day he suddenly hid the trace. And, desperately, the twins who were looking for scientists have found the ‘Gate of the Moon’, which is a class that sends the hidden parallel to the hidden parallel world in hidden basement.

Every time I cross the reality and parallel world, the heroes have experienced all kinds of experience to determine personality and destiny. It is possible to visit the Happy Pete Gym after a sweet nap, to visit the Happy Pete Gym and raise the power, resistance, and endurance capacity, and if not only the personality such as a punishment, it is also possible to have the best sneakers of the city that can be brought to the combat capacity in Solid Sneakers. If you want to refuse to come out of clothes or you need a hat that matches the new sneakers, you can go to Tin Spirit and enjoy shopping.

If you spent a pleasant time in the city, it is now a perfect armed and entering the world of Goblin. In the world of Goblin, you must defeat the enemies and find the same scientist like the Father. And there will be waiting for a vain hope that the enemies of windows and swords can block you.

■ Game Features

  • Alone or two of the two goblins, twisted, and enjoy a dynamic and profound transverse scroll RPG arcade game.

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  • Unlock hundreds of weapons, armor sets, unlock and upgrade your own combat equipment, and save your world.

  • Giant Dungeon, Numerous enemies, and more than 20 terrible bosses, such as Gobblin’s world, etc.

  • Feel the charm of ‘Young Soul’, which combines the Role Playing genre of the classic fighting action, the classic fighting action, and the colorful story of a colorful story through a breathtaking artwork.

  • Fight with the Goblins is not likely to get rid of exercising at Happy Pete Gym. I will unfold a tough battle, but when I open a booty box, I will forget the wounds from the fight.

  • Various combinations can be changed to equipment, weapon’s abilities and game play of the character. Anyone can take attacks, defense or balanced strategies and explore the land of Goblin. If you fight with your enemies, you will have strong bosses and sweat in your hands, you will have a mouse.

‘Young Soul’ is an action roll player that combines colorful 2D fighting and colorful stories. Let’s leave an adventure. It is twin with a perfume, fight against the Goblin Corps, and utilize hundreds of weapons and accessories to improve the level and find the missing father. Now, a new adventure begins with a fight to connect two completely different worlds.

The Korean version of the Korean version will be formally released as a PS4 package, and more information can be found in the homepage and Facebook, and YouTube, H2 Mall, Playstation Store, and Nintendo Online Store.