The release date of Diablo Immortal will be announced in a couple of days

The widely known in the video game community Jason Schreyer on his Twitter said that Blizzard was planning to announce the release date of Diablo Immortal in a couple of days.

If you believe the journalist, the announcement of the date should take place on the official stream. In order not to miss such a significant event, we advise you to follow the link and subscribe to the Diablo Immortal channel.

Cosmetics, Pre-Order, and Class Change System | Diablo Immortal

The announcement of the mobile game in the Diablo universe took place in 2018 at the Blizzcon exhibition, which fans met with a share of negativity. However, over time, the degree of the discontent of the community has significantly decreased. You can apply for preliminary registration on Diablo Immortal in the AppStore and Google Play.