Overwatch 2 – Exclusive Multiplayer Alfa Prints: 5 vs 5 is your best

Overwatch arrived a few years ago to revolutionize the world of video game. The Blizzard Hero Shooter was totally revolutionary thanks to his tons of charisms and everything that was created around him: Fanarts, competitive scene, Lore and much more. For a few years Blizzard has been working in a sequel that we have been knowing new about the waiting months.

However, its launch is closer than ever. MGG Spain has been able to play the Alpha version of Overwatch 2 for a few days , and give a feeling both the great news of this sequel, and the smallest settings. From Sojourn and the new maps such as Toronto, to reworks like those of Orisa. It is important to note that it has been a test dedicated exclusively to the multiplayer. Come on, the mess.

Overwatch 2 or 1.5?

With Overwatch 2 a Wii U effect may be happening, and I explain myself. Wii was a success, one of the best-selling consoles in history, and one that broke stereotypes to bring more people than ever to the world of video game. It would be natural to think that his successor had the successful success, but nothing of that happened. Wii U was a total loss for Nintendo because no one understood what it was. Was it a peripheral like Balance Board or an improved version like the mini?

The Sequel de Overwatch is a title with which I have the feeling that many players do not understand. It has a lot of news regarding the first, but a very similar essence . It is still playing practically the same, the vast majority of characters are identical except balance adjustments and those who have suffered reworks that provide them with new skills, and many maps have already played them.

Of course there are news like the cooperative missions , which we have not been able to test in this alpha, the visual improvements and the new base aspects of the heroes, or the very important change that makes now overwatch is a game 5 vs 5 and not 6 vs 6 . In fact, we also have a new mode, in which a robot pushes a burden that starts at the center of the map.

But the sensations at the controls of a hero, are quite similar to those we had in Overwatch. If we stick to the multiplayer, which is what we have been able to try, it is complicated not to see this as a logical evolution, a megaactualization, rather than a new game.

The key is in the details

That is the first sensation. But once you play several games, try several heroes and maps… the thing changes. I mean that the rhythm of the game is more vibrant, many characters now have some better thought skills and that it seems that everything flows more. The first important change is 5 vs 5 with the format of 2 dps, 2 supports and 1 tank . It may seem foolish, but this completely changes the movie.

To begin with, there is now less population on the map, generating more spaces and allowing it to shine more the disposition of obstacles and the various paths. Of course, there is still as much or more action, because this is still focusing on that initiator tank and the supports that provide its support. The hot spots remain those of interest on the map and the way, and those who create those moles of lives of lives. We have two less in total, so now it is necessary greater coordination between support and tanks, as well as the skill roof rises.

Overwatch is now a game in which mistakes are penalized and that, in conjunction with retouching to champions such as Orisa, Winston or Reindhardt, further elevates its skill ceiling . The best players now do not have to be the DPS, but they can win games from more roles than that.

WELCOME TO OVERWATCH 2 (OW2 Alpha Gameplay!)

Sojourn, Toronto and the reworks

But hey, let’s stop at all the visual changes as it is the new heroine, the reworks and the new map. To begin with, Sojourn is a very interesting choice to debut in overwatch 2 . I say this because it is a version with more soldier mobility 76, and that it can both slide with one of the skills of it, like activating the jump in half of it to achieve great distances by air. It is not at all breaker, it is rather an evolution of what we already had in the Heroes Template.

As for the ReWorks, we have some very ambitious like that of Orisa and other more modest, but the reality is that they are all looking for the same goal: raise the skill roof without touching the floor; As the Blizzard design philosophy says, that easy to play, Hard to Master. Here is not the amount of changes that gives hope to the Overwatch fans, but the tremendously coherent line that has been taken during development.

If we go to the maps, I think it’s interesting to talk about New Queen Street (Toronto) , where we could play the new game mode.
Through a zigzag of the main street, and a series of holes of a cheese, Toronto is a really interesting map for the number of ways in which it allows to face a fight.
There are many heights, roads and places to take advantage of our hero and our composition.
I have no doubt that Overwatch 2 is a very good game, even a great game.
Collect what made Overwatch great and polished it in the best possible way.
Playably there are no grams, although now the ball is on the roof of the cooperative missions and at the pace of news that makes Overwatch 2 as essential as the first delivery.