Where to recover a DAILY RUBBLE data unit in Fortnite

Now that we have handled the plantation of some telephone listeners, it is in the next resistance mission in week five. This time, we are passing Where to recover a Daily Rubble data in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 .

As you can expect from the resistance search line, you can not immediately jump to recover the data unit. First we must “establish an uplink of the device near Daily Rubble.” Daily Rubble is a new milestone created from a starry aircraft that you can find at the northeast end. As for possible locations to establish the uplink goal of the device, you will find them here on the map:

Where to recover a DAILY RUBBLE data unit in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

We went to the southern point to set up the ascending link of the device. In this place there is a small island with a house and you can find the audio check of the hologram necessary to advance in the search here:

By touching the hologram audio log, the mission will change to “recover a data unit from Daily Rubble”.

The locations where you can do this are displayed on this map. You will only need to recover a single data unit, so the cluster should help.

Since Daily Rubble’s reference point is a starry aircraft, you will find the best place to recover a data unit in the queue that is here:

The data unit you need to recover looks like that closely. Simply hold down the button shown in the interaction indicator and the search will be completed.

Recover a Data Drive from Daily Rubble Location - Fortnite

That’s all you need to know for Where to recover a Daily Rubble data unit in Fortnite. We are covering all the resistance missions of the week five, so stay.

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