How to get a dream solvent in Genshin Impact

The tools to ensure the quality of life are one of the main directions when it comes to Neschin impact updates. One of them is a new subject called Dream Solvent.

how to get a dream solvent

Solvent of dreams will become a new item in updating 1.5, where it will allow the player to convert the boss materials to another material, but only from the same boss.

To get a dream solvent, you will get it the murder of weekly bosses , he is a stormerror, Child, Andrius and the new boss 1.5 – more thankha. There is no other way to purchase this material at the moment there is no time.

The rate of loss is currently unknown , so how much you earn for victory over weekly bosses, we can not tell you. But as soon as this information becomes known, we will update this article.

Due to the fact that it was a conversion material, it was hope that it would correspond to the same example that the dust of nitrogen, which can be bought from Nrench Impact store with STARDUST. But alas, you have to defeat weekly bosses.

Remember that this is information from beta version 1.5, so information can be changed or may not be available.

Here is a full description of the game subject, the courtesy of the Celestia project is kindly provided:

Dream Solvent Quick Guide (DON'T IGNORE THIS ITEM!) Genshin Impact How to get and use Dream Solvent

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