Do play worlds have to grow bigger? Ubisoft says bigger is not better

With the unveiling of the new developer tool Scalar ubisoft has announced that so that the in-house game development is not only completely new possibilities, the creating game worlds should be set up almost no limits more . The open worlds of the last publications from the Assassin’s Creed – and Far Cry series were already so great that many players practiced criticism. Do Games really need boundless worlds? This question has answered Patrick Bach , Managing Director of Ubisoft Stockholm in an interview.

Must games get bigger?

The question of whether game worlds are to grow bigger and the developers of Ubisoft must also be getting bigger. The subsidiary of Ubisoft in Stockholm is currently working on the new game development technology: Scalar . What was announced as a groundbreaking, makes some doubts. Is bigger always better?

According to Patrick Bach, the head of the team behind Scalar, this is by no means the case. The Managing Director does not find that games have to grow bigger, but he still believes that some titles could benefit from it.

In an interview with GL.BIZ, he explains that Scalar technology will give the developers the opportunity to develop larger games, but he does not see any connection in that greater better quality means: _ “It depends on the developers and of how they want to use their energy to realize their vision. “_

Scalar should not be licensed

The new Scalar technology from Ubisoft is a cloud-based production tool , with which developer can develop games faster, more efficiently and in a scope that was so far impossible according to Ubisoft. That certainly sounds like a tool that developers outside Ubisoft would also like to use. But the French game company makes such ideas a stroke through the bill.

Bach added that Ubisoft does not intend to market Scalar to other studios , as it is EPIC with his Unreal Engine . “We do not try to sell you something, we only talk about what we want to do.” According to him, Ubisoft wants to give an indication of how the future will look like.

Ubisoft Is Absolutely Terrible
How the future with Scalar will really look, is still in the stars. So far, the team showed in Stockholm, which works on a new IP with this technology, not yet the fruits of their work. The Ubisoft teams in Malmö (Ubisoft Massive), Helsinki (Ubisoft RedLynx) and Bucharest also work on new projects with Scalar technology.

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