6 sectors such as games, Content Industry Future Forum Opening Forum

The Ministry of Culture, Athletics and Korea Content Agency (Conden) (Condenon Won) will host 2022 content industry forums from 26 to 28th.

This year’s content industry forum suggests the sustainable growth of the content industry and future strategies for the new future of the content industry. ▲ Policy ▲ Finance ▲ Music ▲ Story ▲ Game ▲ Game ▲ Game over 6 fields, we will look at the way the content industry is to pioneer, explore, and convert the future.

The policy forum, which is held on the 26th, is the subject of ‘Content, the Future, and the topic of Song Jin (Condenia Policy Headquarters) ▲ Kim Bum-joo (UINI Korea) ▲ Lee Nam-joo (CJ ENM) is installed, ip, new technology, global We will seek the policy direction for future development of content industry in technology and market changes.

In the same day, the financial forum deals with the importance of content policy finance and value assessment, and contents to activate the importance of content policy finance and value assessment on the subject of ‘value assessment, wings on financial policy. ▲ Baek Seung-hyuk (Condensed Content Financial Support) ▲ Daisung Ministry (Robotech) ▲ In addition to the installation of Hwang Young-joon (Robust Technology) ▲ Hwang Young Joon (Credit Guarantee Fund), the comprehensive discussion discusses financial policies for continued discussion.

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The music forum on the 27th is the “Synergy of Music and Technology,” to the theme of Lee Sung-su (SM Entertainment) ▲ (SM Entertainment) ▲ Lee Sung-woo (sporas) announced, and hybrid entertainment with fused technology and music The market is viewed. In addition, a LAN-pop performing a LAN ship reinterpreted as a braking dance that Kamblique was popular in Gambler Cruke.

The following story forum will illuminate the K-Story IP extension strategy in the center of the content industry in the topic of the ‘story, dreaming of Global Content. ▲ Professor Jang Min-jing (Kyungnam University) and Webtoon Buddhistren ‘s Wangdeon District (Studio Dragon), respectively, respectively, discussing the IP expansion and overseas expansion of the K-Story’s franchise strategy and planner’s gaze. In addition, the Nanyun-hee writer interview is held by WebToon Whale.

The game forum on the 28th is to see how the user’s central ecosystem configuration will change the industry as a new challenge of the game industry, ” ▲ Park Hyung Chul (Craftton) is expected to view the web 3.0 concepts and changes in this game industry, and ▲ Lee, Pyeong-ho (National Rehabilitation) introduces plans and efforts to improve the user accessibility of the game.

The same day-to-day broadcasting forum sopes process win-win in the broadcasting video industry environment that changes broadcasting video, sustainable growth ‘in the OTT era. Netflix Original Content ‘Now our school is made of the ▲ Family (Film Monster “(Film Monster) is made about change of video content production system, ▲ Choi Min-sik (Kyunghee University Legal Large School) and ▲ Choi Kyung-jin Team Leader (CJ ENM) Talk to the policy direction for business and ESG management practice through content.

Cha Jin Won policy headquarters Song Jin’s head office said, “This forum, the forum, forms a consensus for the reason why it should be noted again in the content industry, and present future policy strategies and insights for the sustainable growth and leap of K-content I wanted to have an opportunity. “

2022 The Content Industry Forum is available for anyone who is interested, and the Cancelon official YouTube will live on April 26 afternoon from 2:00 pm. For more information, see the Content Industry Forum Official website.