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The details of NPCs unique story progression that intersect with zombie survival “Project Zomboid” player will be released!

The Indie Stone has published details on the NPC system that is scheduled to be implemented in the zombie survival “ Project Zomboid ” under early access.

This work published by the development plan including NPC addition in January. The NPC, which is scheduled to be implemented in “Build 43”, has its own story progresses even if you have not encountered a player in the back story, and if you encounter it, the story of NPC will It changes significantly.

For example, the NPC of a family of four people aims to be a hospital for one person who became ill, but the road is traffic jam and traveling on foot. If the player encounters while moving a car, their cars spawn, where various events are deployed, but if you encounter it while walking on foot, another event has occurred according to the situation To do. Other NPC systems that describe events according to the situation are being released in the official site (Linked English).

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“Project ZOMBOID” is also scheduled for “Build 42” that balance adjustment is also centered, for PC (STeam / Gog.com) for early access at $ 2,050 / 19.99.