Strengthen employee welfare optimized for NHN, hybrid work environment

[Data provided: NHN]

** \ – Support for efficient working environment without place circumstances

\ – Existing welfare system such as home and electronic library

Implementing a Hybrid Workplace Strategy
\ – Introduces a variety of workplaces by group and innovation… Reflection of work on employee welfare

NHN introduces a variety of welfare systems in accordance with hybrid working environment, which is a combination of homework and office work.

NHN announced that employees expanded ‘Weed Asset’ system that supports the ‘Weed Asset’ system that supports the high-end IT equipment so that employees can create optimized workpieces optimized for individuals.

‘Weedgy’ is a welfare system of NHN, which supports a variety of IT equipment in addition to basic assets such as PCs, notebooks, including PCs, notebooks, etc.

NHN recently decided to expand its support equipment and expanded the ‘Weed Asset’ system as demand for IT equipment has increased in a hybrid work environment. Supported equipment diversified by the latest keyboard, mouse, monitor, and PC peripherals, such as webcams and headsets, such as video conferencing equipment and stance desk. Equipment items are planning to continue to grow in accordance with the demand for employees.

Office-based existing welfare policies have also reorganized to reflect various working methods. NHN is added to the existing meals, which are available near the on-site restaurant and office, introducing the home-to-home food, which can be used in convenience stores, cafes, and delivery apps, and flexibly supports the lunch dishes of employees.

In addition, it has opened the ‘Library Deep’ electronic library last July last year so that employees do not visited the Distance Library and to read books through mobile and PCs anytime, anywhere.

NHN introduces a variety of working systems, taking into account the characteristics of group-specific work and attempts to innovate. NHN Cloud, which was launched on the last day, has introduced the efficiency of technology development work by introducing the 4th of the world. NHN DOORAY! And NHN Soft, respectively, based on Front Temple Working, except for 8 hours of office work, respectively.

Before, NHN has introduced the “Demand Office” system that can be achieved in the first Wednesday on Wednesday, regardless of the fan demam. In order to ensure autonomy for office space and time at office work, we use shared seating agents to ensure autonomy for time and time.

NHN said, “In a rapidly changing employee in a rapidly changing work efficiency in a rapidly changing work efficiency,” NHN Group will continue to innovate the work of each work At the same time, we will flexibly support the welfare of the benefits optimized for a variety of work methods. “