SEGA: Sonic Speed Simulator auf Roblox

Developer and Publisher GameFam has announced in collaboration with Sega the publication of Sonic Speed Simulator, a brand new game with Segas Entertainment Icon, Sonic The Hedgehog.

The game is now available on the ROBLOX games platform and is the first title where a world-famous character from AAA games will officially appear on Roblox.

Sonic Speed Simulator is the fastest game for Roblox and revolves around the popular lightning fast hedgehog called Sonic The Hedgehog.

Gambling can reach new levels and win at speed by using various unique worlds of nozzles, while they earn rewards for their friends, including new Sonic customization objects and companions that can improve attributes.

In addition to weekly updates, an exclusive Sonic The Hedgehog adjustment object beckons as soon as the game has received 10,000 “Like”.

This is just the last one set of partnerships in which GameFam was commissioned to open the metaverse for popular brands. The company had previously worked with global innovators such as Ubisoft, Mattel, Sony, MGA and others to provide captivating experiences for playing.


Gamefams Proven expertise in the creation of exciting and authentic games as well as the development concept that causes the top priority’s top priority, make the company for the first choice for brands that would like to achieve the steadily growing user base of Roblox.