Overwatch 2: Sojourn presents itself before closed beta

This is April 26 that Blizzard will organize the first closed beta JCJ of his Overwatch 2 on PC. As previously announced, one of the attractions of this test will be the opportunity to handle Sojourn, the first new character to join the Overwatch family for more than two years.

33rd heroin to join Overwatch , the former captain Sojourn (Vivian Chase, his real name) combines mobility and strike force, as evidenced by his aptitude for slides and his ultimate capacity in the form of devastating concentrated radius which piercing everything in his passage, like a good old Makanko sappô.

Sojourn Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Very present in the gameplay video, the tackle is a capacity that allows it to slide on the floor with propellants and chain at any time with a high jump. “We wanted to verticality to its arsenal, so that it can quickly access the points of view in height and to reinforce its role as DPS Mobile“, explains Josh Noh, the main designer of the character, in the article which is dedicated.

Sojourn has been designed to be a medium-range heroin that rewards the precision. Its electric barrel will therefore require a minimum of address to be effective. This cannon has a main shot that allows you to store energy, which is then released by its more powerful secondary fire. Sojourn also has a zone capacity named disruptive shot that slows its targets and inflicts damage. It becomes easier for her to reach his target with the secondary shot of his barrel.