Build and break! Physical-based destruction game “ABRISS” Early access start

Developer Randwerk has launched early access for physical-based destruction games “ ABRISS “.

This work combines parts, shape, and functional parts to build a destruction device and grind the target. Creative with pistons, magnets, guns, lasers, bombs, rockets, etc., produces elegant destruction with few parts.

  • Complex destruction system
    Simulated quiescent parts, thousands of small rubble particles, flying to the bottom of the abyss… There is almost no slight rise in frame rate.

  • Campaign

There are seven levels each in five worlds, each of which is a handmade destroyable city. Each level must start with a limited number of parts and you have to find a strategy to destroy all the main target blocks. You can unlock new parts while promoting the game, and all worlds have different special environment mechanics. You can always go back to the level and destroy it with a higher probability or destroy it with less move.

  • **sandbox
    Let’s try a new pattern of construction. Let’s talk about parts that are not unlocked yet. Let’s skip the 1,000 laser GPU at a time.

  • Photographic mode

Crazy Building Destruction Sandbox! | ABRISS Build to Destroy gameplay (Free demo)
Use a free fly camera to shoot with the best composition. Let’s stop or throw the time, and take the best shot of the appearance of the spread. It is also possible to change the atmosphere of the photo with the filter. Export to very clear 4K JPEG. And share with us!

  • Rotating GIF Camera
    Let’s make a big confusion GIF to loop original perfectly!

“Abrss” that is likely to taste the instinctive pleasure to destroy something that has been built in a moment, and “Abrss” is distributed to Japanese for Windows. The price is usually 1,999 yen and 15% off until April 22nd. The early access period is planned for approximately one year, and plans to implement additional levels, additional worlds, new game modes, and Steam workshop support.