Grimgrimoire Once More is revealed in images and video

While the next game of Vanillaware with Atlude is always waiting and this after the development already long of 13 sentinels: Aegis Rim, the studio of George Kamitani created the surprise this week by finding his old partner Nippon ICHI Software to produce Grimgrimoire onCemore, a remill of his very first game released in 2007 on PlayStation 2.

While waiting for the announcement of a world exit that can not delay, Nippon Ichi Software and Vanillaware have unveiled the trailer and images of this expected adaptation on July 28 in Japan on PS4 and Switch at the rate of 4 980 yen ( 35 euros). The opportunity to admire the magnificent characters of this adventure fantasy articulated around Lillet, apprentice magician who tries to understand why she is constantly reviewing the same five days, a loop at the end of which a total disaster finishes by engulfing all life to the ‘Silver Star magic academy.

Far from real-time action that will make the studio’s reputation with titles like Muramasa, Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, the battles of Grimgrimoire prefigures a little 13 sentinels by adopting a STR format in which The player invokes familiar thanks to the power of the grimoires and must beat the enemy camp while protecting his. For example, as the astral familiarities are extremely sensitive to magic attacks, but they are also immunized with physical attacks.

As announced yesterday, no major overhaul in the program, but HD smoothing and adding some systems and bonuses to improve the game, including the four “big magic” that add to the four basic magic (glamor, necromancy., witchcraft and alchemy) and will not fail to overthrow the course of the battle. A skill tree is also apparing to strengthen its pets.

GrimGrimoire™ Official English Trailer
This remill is also the subject of a new full dubbing with iori Saeki in the main role, while a gallery section will rinse the eye on some 90 illustrations produced for the 2007 game and for this remill. In comfort, add the appearance of a “fast forward” function for fighting and parts of history and a “battle backup” function for fighting. Finally, the difficulty level of “hard” mode has been adjusted to be more difficult than the original version.


Grimgrimoire onCemore – Trailer # 1