New world

New videos give us a better look at the Super Nintendo World WORLD.

As you may know, Super Nintendo World will be opening its doors in the United States next year. At the moment we do not have many details about it, but a couple of videos have come to light that allow us to take a better look at this construction, as well as its official merchandise store, which is already open for all the public.

The first of these videos shows us how the construction is progressing for the entrance of the park, which will be practically identical to that of Japan with everything and a giant green pipe.

The second gives us a guided tour of the official merchandise store, which commented on you a few moments ago, is already available to the general public.

Universal Studios Super Nintendo World Store (NOW OPEN) Hollywood FULL Walkthrough & Tour

As you could see, there are many things that will definitely be interested in fans of Nintendo and its properties, and surely that when the park has already officially opened, this merchandise store will be updated with new products.

Editor’s note: Now that the Covid-19 is already going out, it will be much easier for everyone to visit and enjoy everything this new park will have. Recall that Japan had to close its doors a few times due to the pandemic, and nor does it say all the restrictions.