Bürki about Degradation: The business can be hard

In 2015, the Swiss had changed from the SC Freiburg to BVB, for many years he was there the undisputed Stammkeeper. “By and large, I would give the time a very positive touch,” says Bürki in an interview with the Ruhr news because of two cup visions and many games “in front of selling house”.

The last one and a half years, however, did not go according to plan. Bürki has been taken in the past season from the then Coach Edin Terzic to weak achievements from the gate, Marwin Hitz completed most of the games in the second half. And in the summer of 2021 Dortmund undertook a new Swiss Stammkeeper – Bürki was finally written off, which was also noticeable on the back number.

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Bürki wondered, “What’s going on now?”

“I came back from the holiday and was no longer the number 1, but the number 38. Of course, I asked myself once: What’s up now?”, Says the 31-year-old and criticized: “You should just be criticized Seeing people behind. I felt that situation as difficult. ” It was “definitely not just for me, that’s what I can say,” he complements and envisaged: “There should probably be changing in the squad, a different direction that you probably also see in the next few years on other positions will.”

I have learned a lot about football and most recently also how the business is ticking.

Roman Bürki

The time since then was educational. “I have learned a lot about football and most recently also about how the business ticks,” he says, “You have to understand the contexts in the entirety from the point where football is no more hobby, but also a business. And that Can be a tough and give one from one day to the other a change of feelings of feelings. ” In June 2020, he had extended his contract for three years, a three-year-year later he was degraded: “If you extend a contract in football, of course you will be said that you are counting on you. And yet it can look different one year later. “

New Rolle Burked Bürki

The new role as number 3 behind Gregor Kobel and Hitz, temporarily even behind the U-23 Keetecker Luca genuine and Stefan Drljaca, burdened Bürki increasingly. “I have given everything, but that has not led to any real chance,” he reported, “I had to learn to free myself from this everlasting pressure. Because I have a good relationship with everyone here, then the Fun back. “

Without their support, I would not have endured it, for a year only to train without the prospect of missions.

Roman Bürki

The teammates and the caregiver rod had “a large part helped that I remained positive and really potity,” he says, “I’ve got to know great people here in Dortmund, especially my teammates. Without their support, I would not have held it out Only to train for a year without the view of missions. “

“Gregor makes his thing good”

But he does not want to comment a reproach to Kobel or Hitz. “I can not separate it: It’s not the colleague that meets this decision. It was not Gregor Kobel, who said, now I come, you do not play anymore,” says Bürki: “The decision came from the club. Gregor Makes his thing well. “

Nachdem sich einige Wechseloptionen im vergangenen Sommer und auch im abgelaufenen Winter-Transferfenster zerschlagen hatten, ist inzwischen klar, dass Bürki nach der laufenden Saison wechseln wird – in die USA, zu St. Louis City. Dort “etwas ganz Neues von Grund an mit aufzubauen, finde ich eine coole, spannende Chance. Deswegen habe ich mich dafür entschieden.”