The Witcher 4: These 10 things must make the new game better

Recently, a new part of the The-Witcher series was announced and this message hit directly high waves, although you still know almost nothing about the upcoming title. He should use the Unreal Engine 5 and the story will turn around something or someone from the lynx school of the witches. Much more info is not yet part of the fourth Witcher, which should not be a straight line of Riva this time. Nevertheless, the anticipation has previously been overwhelmed in the network, finally the Witcher 3 was a fantastic role-playing game, which moved us with a brilliant fantasy world, excellently written characters, great design, interesting quests and an exciting story in his spell.

Also, if you hold something back, which relates to the anticipation, because you still have the launch of cyberpunk 2077 in mind, but as a fan of the Witcher series, however, it is not possible to worry about the new part. Where and when will he play? Who will be the new protagonist? What will the story turn this time? What does the new Witcher make better than part 3? Well, at least we asked ourselves the latter question, because so much we like the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still like, it has some shortcomings. Some of them are rather harmless, but others are actually a bit annoying. Based on this we now present you here: Ten things that make the new the Witcher better than part 3.

The Witcher 4: 10 things that the new part has to do better

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Exciting entry

However, the first hours of play at some digits also take a little bit. One too often one has to walk and a little too long is the search for Ciri, before finally finally finds real clues, what’s going on. As a result, in our opinion, it takes too long until the story stops and a ride.

No question, main and side quests in The Witcher 3 are narrative of an extremely high quality and should also be on board in the new part of the series, but we wish that the beginning of Part 4 bangs a little more and the Story packs us directly, instead of waiting for a few hours.

Witcher 4: 10 Things We DON'T WANT

Better horses

Again, we have to relatiate something. Yes, we closed the heart in the heart. It’s already funny when the loyalty gaul stands somewhere on the steepest hillside or even spawn on a roof. But we are honest: in the seven years after release, CD Project Red This could also fix it, instead of struggling this clear itself.

Anyway, we hope that Sreh, Schakkeline, Jason-Justin, or however the Klepper is hot in the new Witcher, is simply sautéed. Other games, such as Ghost of Tsushima, show how it works. Whistle, horse started, you can ascend immediately – that must be that. In Witcher 3, on the other hand, the good old plot will also like to be time before it comes.

Improved travel

The game world of The Witcher 3 is huge and there is plenty to explore. Accordingly, you are also a lot on foot or on a horseback on the way or uses the fast travel points. And here there is also a lot of improvement potential. First of all, Sreh in Wild Hunt is a bit hakely and would like to hang in the area. That’s annoying, but faster.

We also wish to revise the already mentioned speed-trip system. First of all, to have to have a signpost to have to be able to travel, is really outdated. In addition, the signposts on which you then spawnt are often far too far from the actual destination, so you have to run sometimes even by half the city.

Please, CD project Red, consider a better system for the fourth Witcher part. Again, we refer again to Ghost of Tsushima. Card on, destination clicked, immediately there – so please work with the next witcher.

New skill system

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