3rd podcast blontoplay: Does the videogame be an art? and the absence of E3 2022

The third Podcast of Bornontoplay has no waste. In this new meeting we deal with a controversial issue: Does the videogame be considered an art?. In our meeting you can find similar, disparate and confronted opinions, but always from the point of view of people like you, players who love this means.

As if this were not enough, we also comment on the cancellation of E3 2022 while we become another great question: Do you have the most famous event of video game? This and other issues are discussed at our table, with the participation of Javi López, Ruryk, Voyavodus and Rubio. Do not miss it, this podcast is highly recommended!

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ESA Confirm E3 2022 Is Officially Canceled & E3's Future Looks Grimmer Than Ever

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