Weak second round: Bernhard long missed the cut

The two-time Masters winners needed on Friday at the Augusta National Golf Club Park for the 18 holes 76 beats and finished his second round four beats over Par.

1993 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

After a 76 out of the day before, long after his lapende on Friday with a total of eight over Par on the divided 78th place was. The cut creates only the best 50 golfers.

Long, who could win the Masters in 1985 and 1993, caught a solid start, but on hole seven, but his first bogey of a total of four. At the half-time of the second round, the Anhausener in the addition of both rounds was already five strokes over par. On the way back to the clubhouse on the Magnolia Lane, Langer launched with three Bogeys in a row and worsened his starting postration to a successful cut. Under Park, Langer remained no hole at the most prestigious golf tournament of the world.

Superstar Tiger Woods went on his second round at 19.41 in German. The 46-year-old had a stunning start. Woods had loved one punch under par sit after the first 18 holes and occupied the shared tenth place.