[Hot Moon Coolo] Delivery Apps Out! I miss my days.

For reasons such as delivery costs, delivery foods rise, while delivery of delivery is the atmosphere of delivery app for delivery apps, such as yogi.

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In the sense, the excessive fee of delivery apps and delivery fees have encouraged food prices to rise. For the reason why the food is expensive, the food traits are complained for the reason why margins were reduced, but what about the actual user’s idea.

After showing the pros and cons for the delivery app, the evaluation of the delivery app was more positive than the resulting negative time (24.8%), and more positive time (40.9%).

Also, when a lot of food prices had more expensive or more food prices in order of delivery apps, we have increased delivery apps for the past year, and the current is relatively better than the previous year.

■ Delivery app usage ranking ‘Ethnic’ · ‘Yogi’ · ‘Kupang Yu’

Chidinnet Korea has conducted a survey on delivery app service with mobile survey platform open surveys. The total response is 1,000, and the sample error is ± 2.03% P at 80% confidence level. The sampling method used proportional allocation extracts according to the male and female population ratio of 20 ~ 50s nationwide.

First, we had up to two in the order of the most commonly used order in the recent six months. As a result, ‘the ethnic of delivery’ was 78.7%, and ‘Yogi’ was ranked 2nd place to 47.4%. The next was the ‘Kupang Yu (24.3%),’ Magnetic Public Delivery Web / App ‘(3.5%),’ Cacao Order ‘(3.4%).

■ Delivery app Printing scores 5 Raight 3.2… Delivery app issues are also ‘positive’

After listing multiple prosecutions for delivery apps, the respondents of respondents to the delivery app were asked to a 5-point evaluation scale. As a result, the average score was 3.2 points. ‘Positive’ and ‘Very affirmative’ sum were 40.9%, ‘denial’ and ‘very negative’ recorded 24.8%. Even if there are many delivery app issues, consumers with positive recognition were grasped.

In the above questions, very negative + negative + normalized responder targeted as a masterpiece. As a result of up to two, we have chosen the most of the views (84.9%) (84.9%) (84.9%) (84.9%) (84.9%). Following the fee, the fee, the poet, and the total of the destination (45.3%) (45.3%) (45.3%) ▲ Delivery food popularization, the use of disposable foods (37.9%) (37.9%) (37.9%) ▲ Delivery accident, traffic accidents, etc. There is a view (16.1%).

Positive to the same question + very positive respondents, the reason for that reason was the first place (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%) (86.6%). The following approach has increased accessibility to local restaurants through delivery (39.9%) (39.9%) ▲ Delivery food deducted directly (34.2%) (34.2%), (16.6%).

** ■ Delivery app was disconnected during the use of the app,

In recent six months, the delivery app was compared with the telephone orders or visiting packaging, and the food prices have experienced more expensive or more and less food. The respondents answered that there were 68.1%, responding to 26.2%. It was 5.7%.

When compared to a year ago, when the delivery service utilization rate was 5 points out of 5 points, the average score was 3.38 points. The value of ‘increase’ and ‘very’ is added 48.6%, ‘reduction’ and ‘very reduced’, and a value of 21.1%. For reasons such as Corona’s 19th fashion, it becomes a pool that the delivery food order is reflected.

■ Delivery costs in the Delivery Route 3,390 won… More sensitive to ‘delivery fee’ than ‘delivery rate’

While the delivery costs are expected to come forward, they asked if the respondents were thought to have a change in the frequency of delivery. As a result (42.2%) (42.2%) (42.2%) (33.7%) (33.7%) (33.7%) (33.7%) (13%) (13%) I think it would not be used (11%).

What about the delivery costs that will give up the order because the delivery cost is too expensive. The responses of the largest amount accounted for 29.2% to 3,000 won. Four thousand won was 28.2% later. The proportion of about 6,000 won was 3.1%. The average value is 3,390 won, and if this amount is over, it is interpreted to feel the price burden to give up the delivery app order.

Whether it is more important of ‘delivery fee’ and ‘delivery speed’ more importantly, the result “delivery fee preferred a service, but in some cases, it was 27.9%. ‘No matter how long it takes, the delivery fee is always inexpensive service “to 25.2%, and the second place was ranked 2nd place,’ according to circumstances, ‘ In some cases, 22%, ‘Delivery costs always prefer the service coming, “which preferred the delivery costs, if the delivery costs are available,” and 0.5%.

Even if the 20s of the 20s, no matter how long it takes, the delivery rate was the biggest burden on delivery costs that the delivery costs preferred. On the other hand, the 50s prefer 30.6% of the service, but in some cases, the delivery costs have a lower delivery cost, and put a higher value to the relatively delivery rate.

■ Dali Daiver Recognition 5 points out of 5 points 2.85… ‘Traffic Claim Violation’ vs ‘Fast and convenient’

Recognition of the Dalriers (Delivery) is also a consideration of 5 points. As a result, the ‘positive’ + ‘very affirmative’ was 24.3%, ‘The’ negative ‘+’ very negative ‘accounted for 31.2%. The average score was 2.85. It can be interpreted as being able to separate and recognize delivery apps and delivery applications, with a half level of positive opinions to the delivery app. There is a tendency to solve the issue of some delivery apps with the issue of the delivery app, but consumer awareness is not.

Very negative + negative + normal respondents for the delivery source. As a result of up to two, the most selected view was the ‘speed of transportation, such as the speed of the delivery source, the transportation regulations (76.6%) (76.6%). “One of the delivery food prices is the rising factor” (67.5%), ‘I have experienced unfriendly service’ (19%), ‘Other’ (1.2).

On the contrary, very + very positive respondents were also asked. He said, ‘Corona 19 and the bad weather, he was able to get food quickly and conveniently, and it became a great help.’ He accounted for 84.8%. ‘We can find various foods at home because of’ shipmen ‘s.’ In addition, ‘hit-and-run arrangement, fire suppression, etc., is expected to be a local kernee role as a precautionary, and the response was 9.5%.

■ Flyer VS Delivery App… Delivery Apps Katsu

Finally, if the delivery app service is popular, and if you choose one of the past flyer era, you asked.

As a result, 60.5% of the current delivery app service is better. The respondents that the past that the past that the past to deliver directly and ordered it was 38.2%. Other opinions were 1.3%. By age, 50.7% of the 50s responded to the age of 50, and 68.4% of the twenties in the 20s, were higher in the delivery app preference.

More specific results about this questionnaire can be confirmed by [ ☞ Open Steward Results Page ].

■ Delivery of the Daily Daily “Campaign… Gal S22 + · ** Apple Watch 7 · Airpot 3, etc.

Child Net Korea will be able to send a ship to the delivery food-related portal news by the 11th of the month, and select the excess of the user who authenticates to the campaign page to present prizes such as Galaxy S22 +. The campaign topic is a ‘warm word’ (I have).

This campaign is to preach the message of cheering to riders who have a good memory or experience in the delivery rider, or to the risk of safety accidents. Naver, the following is a method of searching for a comment window after searching for major news related to delivery service (delivery app, delivery agent, etc.). You can capture the Sun and authenticate the campaign page on the campaign page.

When leaving a sun on the news comment window, you must put the phrase in the campaign stands at the beginning of the sentence. It is possible to participate anywhere on the media news sent to the portal. There is no limit to the number of campaigns.

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In addition, campaigns include Naver, Kakao, Sijeon Platforma, Kupang, Yogi, and Delivery of the National Delivery Absa, Baroto, Mesh Korea, Magin Plus,