Smash Bros: The Tlatoni Mk Leo took the crown in Delfino Maza Reta 2022

Throughout the weekend, Delfino Maza was held: Reta 2022, where several international-sized players were facing one of the most important tournaments at LATAM level, with eyes on MK Leo and Sparg0 .

A weekend full of great activity from the lands of Mazatlan, Sinaloa where several of the world’s top players came together to celebrate one of the competences that has given much to talk about, Delphino Maza He left great confrontations through the three days of competition, where the group stage was dominated by players who came doing things well from the beginning.

RETA 2022 GRAND FINALS - MkLeo (Corrin) Vs. Sparg0 (Cloud) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

The tournament had the participation of 20 players, in the first phase of groups rumbled names such as William “Glutonny” Belaid that took the first place of group A , while the sees group consolidated with an Enrique ” Maister “Hernandéz on the top of group B who demonstrated a very good level for competition.

Arriving with the group C was the player to overcome Leonardo “Mk Leo” Lopez that took the tip of the group without difficulty advancing to the next phase of the tournament, in the group of we would see his compatriot Edgar “Sparg0” Valdez also taking the tip of the table and wanting to be seen in future rounds.

For the Top 16 we would have very intense battles for all the participants of the event with a Mk Leo that advanced by funding with 3-0 to all his rivals to advance to the winners’ final by defeating Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland, Santiago ” Chag “Pérez and the French Glutonny, considered one of the favorites to win.

On the other hand we saw the struggle to reach the final of sparg0 who in the semifinal of winners would run up with glutonny where it would fall into a closed series 3-2 and leaving the Mexican at the Bottom Bracket of the Tournament. Surprisingly the Mexican would show that he has trained to win and take the crown, managing to defeat Goblin already Skyjay before taking a rematch against glutonny where this time I would put a 3-0.

A final between the considerate tlatoni (ruler or king) of smash and the Mexican prince, where mk leo would use pyra and mythra with which it would begin to make the sparg0 who used his already known cloud with which he made the series too intense leaving the monarch down on one of the sets but this would make Leo take the things more seriously leaving the series in a 3-1 that would give you the monarch title in the Delphino Maza Reta 2022. **

Without a doubt, the community of smash Bros has great stars representative and it was possible to demonstrate both the support and the affection of the fanaticada upon arrival at more than 10000 spectators during the end of the event. The participants appreciated the invitation and experience they take, even more, we saw sparg0 wanting to continue improving to beat mk leo at Genesis , one of the most important events of World in Smash .