Play Tucheer developed, employees target performance and stock options payment

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Employee Stock Options
\ – Wrong, a total of 300% of the funding on the entire employees, the warrior special incentive payment and the new incentive stock options

** \ – In 2017, after the establishment of a steady performance, it is a series of a total of W100bn in February this year.

** \ – In addition to the two years of recent years, there are also a 3-year-old salary in addition to the permeability of the staff stock options,

Mobile Games Incorporation is a 4 billion won of employees, including a new inclination target of about 4 billion won in 2021, and the entire employees have paid up to 300% performance and warrior special incentives of the fund, I said.

This incentive was paid as a compensation for global indicators and sales of 2021, which was achieved a Cumulative download of 100 million, and a mobile casual social game that achieved 4 million daily users after the launch of the Cumulative download, Last year’s regular incentives were set to meet the surplus of the last year, and all members were added to all members for all members without disturbance or unspecified.

The ahead of this completed a total of W100bn series B investment attracting a total of W100bn in series B, which has been recognized as a steady global performance growth since February 2017, We plan to spur on the securing of excellent people.

In fact, the entire employees of the entire employees in January, including the impression of the employees, including the impression of the new performance incentive payment, new employee supervisor annuity, and after entering the first year of stock, the number of stock options (Stock option) In addition, we have published a significant compensation system improvement, such as support corporation condominium support.

In addition, we are reviewing the office transfer before the western landmark, which will be a more comfortable working environment for our employees, and developed, business, marketing, HR, It is scheduled to be on a drive for large-scale excellent instructions in the same area.

Lee Young-il, said, “In 2021, we have achieved the highest surplus after the entrepreneurial, followed by the employees who have devoted them in each field,” he said, “he said.” As soon as I succeeded in attracting the investment of the circle, I will not save active investment with a good company that can grow with employees this year. “

Meanwhile, COM2US co-founder Lee Young-il is established by Lee Young-il, the establishment of the “home run class>, , , ,” am.

The Global Features of the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, including the global proprietary of the Korea Content Promotion Agency, the best game of the Month of the Month, Facebook ‘Audience Network Excellent Case’ Bus games have been steadily selected for ‘such as’ overseas users and sales accounted for more than 90% of the entire indicators,