NBA News – Should be ashamed: Kareem Abdul

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has expressed criticism of Lebron James in the first ceremony of the trophy named after him and said the Lakers star “should be ashamed” for some of his statements. For this criticism Abdul-Jabar has already apologized a few hours later.

Abdul-Jabbar was addressed at a press conference on his criticism against James from a few months ago and explained that his criticism is therefore that he has great expectations of James and his activism. “I would like to do that if he takes the time. I have the time in any case,” Abdul-Jabbar answered the question of whether he would be together with James to talk about activism together.

“I admire the things he made. To send a whole school to the university? Wow, that’s great,” the 74-year-old led: “His consideration and willingness to take care of things with his money to take care of things Must be respected. ” Abdul-Jabbar spoke in the context of the awarding of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trophy, which is now to be awarded every year to a social justice champion of the NBA. Before the Lakers game, he handed over the trophy to Carmelo Anthony for his use in the season 2020/21.

“I no stones,” Abdul-Jabbar said his criticism of James, but added, “For some things he did, he should be ashamed, but that’s just my point of view.” The former star of the Bucks and Lakers had previously criticized James, among other things, that he had supported Andrew Wiggins in his hesitation to the Corona vaccines and a meme posted that the coronavirus compared with ordinary flu.

“He should be careful with the topics I addressed when it comes to things, of which blacks are strongly affected. That’s all I want,” touched Abdul-Jabbar.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explains criticism of Lebron James

A few hours after his utterances before the game of the Lakers, the less Angeles Times published the content of an e-mail that Abdul-Jabbar wrote to the newspaper. In it, the sixfold MVP quoted one of his articles for Sports Illustrated, in which he described LeBron as hero of his generation. “In the two years since I’ve written this, my respect for James was just grown,” wrote Abdul Jabbar in his e-mail.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar openly critical of LeBron James' actions, says he should be 'embarrassed'

“LeBron is still the respectful hero, he is further a huge factor in improving the life of the black,” he led out: “Occasionally I stained Lebron if I had the feeling he makes a mistake of supporting society. However, I have always done that in the sense of a loving older brother who offers his council, whether desired or not. “

James still needs 1,325 points to resolve abdul-jabbar as a player with most scored points in the history of the NBA, which he will most likely achieve, if he plays another season. “I’m completely for he creates it. There is no envy,” emphasized Abdul-Jabbar.

“If I think he comes from the path on which he won the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award for his role as a social activist, I’ll say that. I am a journalist, that’s just what I do,” added Abdul-Jabbar And closed his e-mail: “But I believe that Lebron is strong and gracious enough to understand that I only love for him to my heart.”

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