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“Coffee Talk” Mohamed Fumi was staring at the “SNS Societys Pitfalls” -To Touch the Report of the Hall [Column]

On March 28, Gamers worldwide were sick of sad intelligence. Mr. Mohammed Fumi, who is known for “ Coffee Talk ” etc., has suddenly been.

“Coffe Talk” is a novel game that has a quiet exchange in a coffee shop in Seattle in Seattle. It was also the intelligence of the arrow, who collected popularity in Japan and the official release of the second work was awaited.

In this work, Firmi’s value of the country of origin is plentiful. That is, it is “unification in diversity”. The posted articles should also be helpful, but Indonesia is about 250 million population, the world’s largest island nation with more than 250 ethnic groups. At the capital Jakarta, there is a real thing that people from Indonesia’s Best Western Land Nice and the largest Papuong are drinking coffee at the same coffee shop.

And “Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly” is a content such as reflecting the current state of Indonesia as it is. “SNS Development” is expressed as it is to threaten “unification of diversity”.

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# * Mr. Fahm was a “expected new star” *

Indonesia aims to “economic growth by the development of net infrastructure”.

Among them, the game is an area that does not have to prepare raw materials like industrial products. It is also possible to produce works in a small office and can be distributed worldwide using platforms such as STeam.

In October last October, Lufut Punjaitan Maritime Minister commented that the Indonesian game market reached 24 trillion 400 billion lupia. It is approximately ¥ 210 billion in terms of Japanese yen. However, 97% of the titles distributed in Indonesia are also pointed out that foreign manufacture. It is the main idea of Ruhuto’s statement that you have to replace this with domestic titles.

Among them, “Coffee” produced by Lumi of the local creator has grown to a global famous title. This is a phenomenon that the central government has anticipate a dream sight. Mr. Fumi was a “expected new star”.

ファーミ氏の訃報は、翌日にはインドネシア国内の一般メディアも取り上げ始め、、Liptan6、Suara.comなどがこの話題に触れている。 In Indonesia, since the so-called “Z generation”, which is born between the late 90’s and the early 2010 ‘s early 2010, the degree of attention of game-related news is very high. The category of “games” is also provided on the top page of the general media.

# “Does the viewer are always right?”

The preceding demo version play report of “Coffe Talk Episode 2” is already distributed by Indonesia. This article is not a hand-held, but I would like to refer to the story this time as a reference.

“Coffee Talk Episode 2” is a story of three years after the previous work. She written a novel with a non-sleepless rest is on a trip and is not in Seattle. Although George Cours is still as usual, the subpers coming to her store will not be replaced generally.

Saturos’s Lucas is a “Lifestyle critic” that distributes a variety of videos in SNS. He needs something like influenza and YouTuber. There will be a Bansy woman and Riona. She is an opera singer, she was once she had sung to her animated and uploaded to the net. However, the comments column was full of her slandering for her Riona. Since then she has been able to hugish her net users only distrust and aversion.

“Does the viewer are always right?”

Bansy is a minority, she is so susceptible to tribe discrimination. Hate directed to a specific result seems to be winding in the “Coffee Talk” world.

This is also a big problem in Indonesia.

Another Indonesian who continued to fight with SNS