St. Pauli wins DFB

In the case of the Hanseates, the final day was twice consideration: On the weekend before the second time in a row, St. Pauli had just missed the German FIFA club master title, on the other hand, the Kiezeclub in the past DFB epocal season was in the Xbox -Bebenfinals, PLAYSTATION FINALE failed shortly before the target.

The Hamburgers had the great national title in the same way only in terms of hair, the title hunger was to be committed to St. Pauli. The Vice-Champion of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) Club Championship by Bevestor had already hit Toad United on Saturday, the SG Gensingen / Grolsheim 07 and the SV Werder Bremen.

‘FCSP_Kamal’ shocks ‘Mooba’ late

The only point loss on Saturday took the Hamburgers at 6: 3 against Werder – no one should be added on Sunday. In the semifinals, St. Pauli hit the Focus Clan, the last remaining esport organization in competition. The use of Topstar and Entational Players Mustafa ‘Xmuster19’ Cankal did not even need the North Germans.

Because Erol ‘Erol96x’ Bernhardt and Kamal ‘FCSP_Kamal’ Kamboj regulated the matter already in just two games: ‘Erol96x’ could not be made from the interim connection at the 4-2 against Lukas ‘Sakul’ from the interim connection hit shortly before the end and struck in the last minute too.

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Speaking last minute: ‘FCSP_Kamal’ succeeded against FIFA World Champion Mohammed ‘Mooba’ Harkous a comeback after this was going on with 1: 0. Kamboj completely out and decided the semi-finals also in the 90th minute with the 2: 1 by a stretch like precise shot in the left Toreck in favor of St. Pauli.

New edition of the Club Finals of 2021

The 17-year-old had still awarded a penalty in the 85th minute, but ‘FCSP_Kamal’ kept the nerves. Parallel to the duel between St. Pauli and the Focus Clan, the 1st FC Heidenheim continued by victories from Deniel ‘Deni10’ Mutic and Burak ‘Burak_May’ May against the 1st FC Cologne, on the side only Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos successfully was.

So it came in the early afternoon to the final between FC St. Pauli and the 1st FC Heidenheim – and thus for the new edition of the VBL Club Championship final of 2021 and the Xbox semifinal in the DFB epocal of last year. The hamburgers had gone in these encounters as losers from the virtual lawn.

‘erol96x’ paves the way per 5: 2

This time, the Kiezclubs should not be intercepted shortly before success but no longer intercept: ‘Erol96x’ drove a surprisingly clear 5: 2 victory against ‘Deni10’ at the beginning of the final. Curios was mainly the hits on 4: 1 for the St. Paulianer, in front of which the Heidenheim defender stumbled over his own goalkeeper and ‘Erol96x’ made the path.

As a result, Simon ‘Hardshot22’ reins against the molded ‘FCSP_Kamal’ was already tremendous under pressure. With this he just caught only partially, the 2: 0 for Kamboj after about one hour came the same. ‘Hardshot22’ still recorded some big opportunities, but allowed the right precision to miss.

Seconds before the final whistle were the first jubilant towers of the colleagues on ‘FCSP_Kamal’ in the stream to observe, St. Pauli celebrated the triumph collective and omitted. After all the late and bitter setbacks of the past two years, the Hamburgers finally allowed a large trophy to increase the height.

The “unfinished” are crowned

‘EROL96X’ and ‘FCSP_Kamal’ crowned the up to date according to commentator Flo Hauser “unfinished” to the DFB-EPOCAL winner 2022. The entire weekend St. Paulis Ass had to compete in the sleeve – ‘xmuster19’ – only once against Bremen, which is the excellent Benefits from Bernhardt and Kamboj underlines again.

“It’s just so horny that this horny team finally won a title. Now let’s go celebrate,” said ‘Erol96x’ after the last match of the day. For Bernhardt, it was certainly a special success, he had barely missed in the second round of the VBL Club Championship as well as in Play-offs and Finale.

On the other side, the Heidenheimer, according to ‘Deni10’ “the joy, has become second”. The team of the Brenz was landed in front of many top teams, which had “nobody expected”. However, the FCH could not replace the last lost VBL Club Championship title by the DFB epocal.