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Magic: The Gathering undens his biggest mistake

Who at Magic: The Gathering Achievements celebrating and winning a big tournament, looked into the tube last years. This was not only of Corona but also on far-reaching changes in the tournament organization, which caused a lot of criticism under fans. But now there is reason to breathe because the popular per tour returns after several years.

Organized Play, ie the competitive tournament scene of Magic: The Gathering was more than 20 years a central component of the fascination of the collecting card game. The dream, an event in the shop to win the corner and find yourself again a few years later at the World Cup. Since 2019, however, this dream came to wavering.

From the popular per tour, the mythic championship and finally the entire system focused on the new magic Pro League. In their center, however, only the 32 best players in the world stood. The hope of becoming a member of the MPL one day and to be able to participate in significant Magic tournaments were therefore negligible.

In May 2021, the Ender Magic Pro League was announced. Whether and how to replace the system, it was unknown. Almost a year, it looked like Magic: The Gathering had a central column of the collecting card game, competitive tournaments, completely abandoned. From the point of view of the fans this was probably the biggest misfest of the last few years.

The return of the per tour

On March 31, 2021, the all-clear came. For Magic: The Gathering a new tournament format was presented, in which the per tour plays a central role again.

The new system is divided into four stages: at local level, your tournaments can win in a store in your proximity. As a result, you can qualify for regional tournaments whose winners may eventually be allowed to participate in the per tour, the third of the four stages. On the top level it is about nothing less than the World Cup. All details relating to the new competitive system were also explained in an official Twitch stream.

Worst Blunder In MTG Pro Tour History
The first per tour of the new system should take place in early 2023. In what form any restrictions could affect by COVID-19 these plans, but is still uncertain. In the announcement, it is emphasized that the security of participants has top priority, which is why it can still be made to short-term changes.