DFB EPOCAL: sensations and voltage to the end

The trophy is known to have its own laws. However, this does not only apply to the real role model, but also for its virtual offshoot – the DFB epocal. Why, that already demonstrated the sixteenth final.

Lewandowski stuns Bayern | Borussia Dortmund - FC Bayern Munich | DFB-Pokal Final 2012

That a goal difference

Directly in the first games some amateur associations sniffed at the sensation. However, it takes two successes from three games on the virtual lawn to collect in the next round. For example, Haching Esports failed against the VBL CC master from 20/21 – the 1. FC Heidenheim scarce. Only Burak ‘Burak__May’ redeemed his team in decision-making.

In the other direction, however, the FC Augsburg and Borussia Mönchengladbach. The “foals” documents of the TSG Eintracht Immenbeck in the third match. First, the Underdog presented and sent the Borussia with significantly more pressure to the second match. Although the match ball parished the Gladbacher, but the sensation was only deferred. David ‘L2_perla’ Permitz decided with 3: 2 against Eleftherios ‘Lefti’ Ilia the last nerve battle for Immenbeck.

Similarly exciting it was at the SG Ensingen / Grolsheim and the FC Augsburg. Again, the favorite was in the following, but was pleased, but in decision-making could look. ‘N1CKStar’ brought the 2: 1 guidance against Christoph ‘Xthepunisher-96’ Geule over the laps.

Two is Better

It should not stay there. Because: The following day with the eighth-finished fins also had his surprises and curios. For example, Sp9esports managed to miss the newly baked VBL CC master RB Leipzig a damper. Mario ‘Mmayo’ Reubold and Niklas ‘Nraseck’ Raseck secured the victory in the two lots. Especially for Rasek a debut of measure – he was committed to this tournament.

Curious In addition: Bochum-Profi Sebastian Polter set two teams for the competition. Once the “young savages”, which in the round had previously checked against Werder Bremen. A troop with more experienced players.

But with RB Leipzig did not expect the only favorite. Also defending champion B360 Denzlingen had to be beaten in the second round. In both games, the Hamburger SV kept the upper hand.

End of the dream for the Underdogs – drama between Cologne and Ingolstadt

The dream of Underdogs came to an end. It started well for ‘L2_perla’. In penalty shooting, he donated and Riad ‘Itsriaad’ Fazlija nothing – to the Sudden Death. At the top left, the Hannoveran first visited, but Leitz suspected the corner. The decisive shot he sat humourlessly in the middle.

However, the joy was still a short time. Jannik ‘Testotier’ mountain brought 96 into the decision match, in which CAN ‘Cankoos06’ Tuna prevailed just with 1: 0. Highlight of the game: ‘L2_perla’ had the decision in the first match earlier on the foot. In the extension he already led 2: 1 and had almost achieved the 3: 1 in the 105th minute by Scorpion Kick. Fazlija’s final man and the latte had something against it. The SG Ensingen / Grolsheim had the note in two games against FC St. Pauli.

Dramatic it became the duel of the two VBL teams Cologne and Ingolstadt. Since the first game was just 1-0 to the Domstädter, the pressure in the second game was Timo ‘Timox’ Siep. With 2: 2 it went into the extension – everything looked after penalty shootouts. But as far as Tim ‘Thestrxnger’ Katnawatos did not want to come. In the 112th minute he kept the overview in the timmel and put right out right. From six meters he did not give you chance – the decision.

The last minute Heidenheimer

With a lot of thrill, it was then also in the day of quarter-finals. Starting with the 1st FC Heidenheim and the Hamburger SV. In this game, the final minute was mainly the Heidenheimern Hold. At first it was Denii’s Denii_10 ‘Mutic, who scored the decisive goal just before the final whistle, then Burak May, who decided in the third game shortly before goalkeeping the game. In the penalty area he kept the overview, once laid across, his player only had to push the ball over the line.

The Heidenimern in the semi-final follows the 1st FC Cologne. They got to do it with Leipzig-Bezwinger Sp9esport. And this encounter also went to the full: three games including penalties were necessary for the tension-charged decision. Finally, it was Michael ‘Phenomeno’ Gherman, who once had too much. Denis ‘Denis’ Müller reached deep into the trick box. At all the decisive attempt, he turned his goalkeeper to the left. Gherman succeeded in the middle – slight prey and Extase in Cologne.

They certainly also at Focus. With a defeat in the luggage, Mohammed ‘Mooba’ Harcous did not get out of rest. Harcous won 2-0, world champion coach Matthias ‘Stylo’ Hietsch made a 4-1 perfect in the semifinals.

There then the FC St. Pauli is waiting.
They delivered a gripping north duel with the SV Werder Bremen.
Just like the “Kiez-Cologne” came the SVW without defeat through the tournament.
That seemed to continue in this pairing.
But Mustafa ‘Xmuster’ Cankal and Kamal ‘Kamal’ Kamboj had something against it.
They turned the game in favor of their team.
In the semifinals, the Hansestädter meet with focus.
Heidenheim has to ran against the 1st FC Cologne.