Kirby and The Forgotten Land: How to Touch Earth in Isle of Treasure

Ask yourself How to get the Waddle-Dee ‘Make Landfall on Isle of Treasure’ in Kirby and The Forgotten Land’s Concrete Isles Level? Fortunately, it is quite easy to get if you know where to look, and this guide will show you exactly where you should go to mark it on your list.

The Treasure Island can be found at the end of the first area of the Concrete Isle scenario, it is just before the first great star you will use to be transported to the next section.

Get the Waddle-Dee ‘touch land on Treasure Island’

  • When you arrive at the end of the level in the first section of the game, ignore the star on the platform and jump to the water to the right and go directly to the corner.

  • Here, you will find that part of the fence is broken with one of the pillars dropped into the water. Use this space to get to the treasure island in the background.

  • Nothing to the island, press next to the treasure chest and you will find the Waddle-dee hidden inside.

That’s all you need to know to get the ‘touch land on Treasure Island’ Waddle-Dee in Kirby and the forgotten land . To get more tips on the game, see the links below.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Concrete Isles walkthrough guide - Isle of treasure, Waddle Dees, Birds
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