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“Precone! Grand Masters Announcement. Auto chess, “Precone”, April Fools Day

Cygames is April 1, “Precone! Delivery of “Grand Masters” started. The corresponding platform is iOS / Android, basic play free. “Princess Connect! RE: DIVE “The countdown was implemented at the dedicated site, but it seems that the presentation of this work was charged. Delivery is up to 1 week instead of 1 day, from 16:59 April 8. It is already possible to download in each store, but be careful because play is possible from 12:00 on April 1st.

“Precone! Grand Masters is an autobattle game. “Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s popular characters appear in his 3d of deformation and unfold a battle on the board. Specifically, the eight players fight with one to one, and fight to fight until the last 1. Prepare a deck in the preparation phase, prepare for battle, and in battle phase automatically progress. If you want to zero HP for all other players, fight your life to 0.

Pecoline, Cal, Cokkoro, Hiyori, Yui Such as Yui is expressed in 3D. It is “prycone” and “prycone”. On the other hand, the battle is a round system, automatic progression, or the essence of a genre called a so-called Autchess is plentiful and a so-called automatic chess. The IP of “Preconone” is now strong and strong, and it seems to be natural that there is a challenge to other genres, but it seems to be a pretty core genre.

In addition to the polite tutorial, various guides are also enhanced. You can also enjoy the original story that is expanded based on the world view of “Precone”. Above all, the people of the 3D character who were a little deformed are worth a look.

“Precone! Grand Masters are delivered for basic play for iOS / Android. The play is possible from 12:00 on April 1, and is a limited time delivery of up to 16:59 on April 8th.

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