Ikai mosaic pattern puzzle guide

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So he has decided to challenge the horrors of the Yokai and an overwhelming barrier to the language to experience the psychological thriller of ikai. In addition, you have opened way diligently during most of the game avoiding demons, making seals and sailing easily. But there is a certain puzzle near the end that confuses you and leaves you perplexed, since it is so out of place of everything else. Here is our ikai mosaic pattern puzzle guide.

Ikai mosaic pattern puzzle guide: Where is this puzzle?

First, a little context about where this puzzle is located. The riddle appears some time after your encounter with the chandelier. Once you have resolved the riddle of Shamisen, the “strange” riddle located inside the big lair of spiders, a script sequence will put Naoko in a nebula vignette from another world. This is the abstract sequence in which you go running from a room that is on fire, through a hallway with multiple ocular balloons that follow you through rips on the walls, and then you slide towards the puzzle room through A rotating wall.

Ikai mosaic pattern puzzle guide – solving the puzzle

Then, this is the situation. You are stuck in a small room. It seems that there is an emaciated corpse in the corner that moves when you are not looking. The room is completely devoid of distinctive elements, notable reference points or characteristics.

All that remains is the puzzle that hangs on the other side of the room. It is a large square even divided into nine equal sections. When you interact with this square, you can see black marks on each of these squares in multiple patterns. The only square that is completely blank is the square in the lower right corner. And your brush is active. You can not paint out of this square. You can not change any of the brands in the other squares. Your only guide is an outline in the # Square.

From the beginning, this puzzle is different from any other you have seen in ikai to this point. All the above riddles involving your brush made you rapidly and / or carefully trace a pattern in a seal. Worse yet, this room does not provide clues about any kind of pattern that you should imitate. If you make sure enough times, Naoko will only say that “you need to look at the general picture to think about the correct answer».

So, what exactly is the solution? Well, even in context, it’s a bit obtuse. First, the # is destined to tell him that she needs to draw a certain pattern of straight lines. If you draw out these lines, Naoko is frustrated and tells you to reboot. As for what is “the overview”, the nearest reference I can find is the board game. Tsuro, a competitive game in which players draw straight lines on a chip and line them with other players. If a certain number of its lines are overlapped, they are deleted.

But tsuro is a contemporary experience that is not based on anything from the feudal Japan era, so, after a lot of proof and error and pure luck, here is the solution. First, paint a straight line up from the center on the left, then paint the upper left line, making an inverted «L» shape. The following is a more open L shape that starts on the right center line at the time of the line and ends in the lower right line. If it is done well, the frame should come out, revealing a corridor so that you continue the game. Enjoy.