How work glasses seed in RUNE Factory 5

RUNE Factory 5 is a fresh look at a franchise, which has many interesting systems. SEED scores system is particularly interesting because it is associated with many basic functions of the game. If you are interested in what you can do with these glasses or how to get them, we will help you.

You can exchange SEED points, talking with Eliza in заманта риigbart . You can use these glasses to improve your backpack, holding festivals in the city and receiving various licenses. It is also the one with whom you want to talk to learn how to cook and expand the functions of the room, such as your bookshelf.

how to get points seed

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There are many ways to get more Seed Points, and for the most part you will earn them every day. Here’s how to get them:

  • Fighting monsters
  • Taming Monsters
  • Performing requests
  • Conversation with NPC
  • Festivals

Keep in mind that no every interaction or battle will bring you glasses. We are still experimenting with the system and update any other methods that we find. Seed glasses are separated from Gold and can only be used with Elise.

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