Windhorst has right

Lars Windhorst stood with invisible war painting in the studio of “picture TV”, and he carried his concerns that have been rather agony for a long time. He was “clearly against the top of the Bureau and his followers,” explained Windhorst. “It is now the highest railroad that we rip the rudder in all matters. I put on the positive effects of a reboot, and we need this restart also at the top”.

and again zoff and no centimeter forward

At the top of the club has been perched since May 2008 Werner counterbauer. With him as a frontman, this club, which was a regular guest in the European Cup in the European Cup and in 2008/09 under coach Lucien Favre, has risen from the German Championship, 2010 and 2012 from the Bundesliga.

With him as a front man, the gray-minded capital club in the world has a leading decade behind him, in which Hertha has paid athletic and financially too often.

Why did GW paint this model like this?
With him as a frontman, the club in the existentially important question of stadium new construction has not made a centimeter despite counterbewer’s shiny networking with Berlin’s economy and politics.

With him as a frontman gave and there is always Zoff on open stage: with Dieter Hoeneß, with Lucien Favre, with Markus Babbel, now with Lars Windhorst.

Windhorsts attack: No needle pitch, but an ax

Every case was different, but remains as an impression: the stripping puller counterbauer has no too much talent for a troubleshooting communication – or no interest in it. Windhorst, who has saved nothing less than the existence of this notorious clude club with its 374 million-euro investment, has launched its experiences from three years of expensive bought lessons on Sunday: “I realized after a few months, That it is very difficult under the leadership of counterbauer to work as a team. He is not about bringing the sports success of the association, but there is a powerful holding. There are clamps and cliffs. “

That was not a needle tile anymore, that was an ax berth. Windhorst’s warehouse has already made the power question more often, but never so loud – and so ultimate. No 24 hours after the first round-round victory, the investor superimposed with the open stage fueled power struggle on the club’s mutual mood under the charismatic new coach Duo Felix Magath / Mark Fotheringham.

Deductions in the B-Note were always no matter

The timing is not completely succeeded. But prints in the B-Note were always no matter. The eternal stand-up of the German economy wants to shake the continuously staggering club and calls against opponencies at the court state to the open rebellion. Now it is located on the bodies and the members who will soon renew 130 years old club not only on the limbs, but at the head.

Werner counterbauer had a lot of time to make more from Hertha than the eternal conjunctival of the capital. He did not succeed – and that on very expensive art. Hertha needs, from a robust midstorm to a right-back of format, already pretty much again in the near future. But most of all, this club needs a soil idea of ​​itself, a changed communication and a sustainable future model: one without the patriarch counterbauer.