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Marvels Avengers: Improvements of the war table including new missions

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics want to streamline missions in Marvel’s Avengers and improve the general user experience.

Therefore, as part of Update 2.3, the revision of the war desk, which will be implemented on 24 March.

In addition, the developers return Nick Fury to the Introductory Process.

War Table Rework | NEW MISSIONS? | Marvel's Avengers
After the update this week, the missions on the war table will not change every 15 minutes. Defrest zones and threat sectors are always displayed instead. On the other hand, Hives only appear if you have reached the necessary power level.

There will still be a minimum and proposed maximum strength for each region. The subdivision is as follows:

  • SeaBoard – power level 1-25
  • Pacific northwest – power level 25-50
  • Utah Badlands – Energy level 50-75
  • Snowy Tundra – Energy stage 75-100
  • Future Wastelands – Energy Level 100-125
  • Wakanda – Energy stage 100-140

Rogue sectors and vaults are always visible. Harm Rooms also have a minimum strength.

The developers have also added new missions that can be played on 24 March.

These are the new missions:

  • The Enemy Earth – Threat Sector – Snowy Tundra
  • Desperate times – Defrestation – Future wasteland
  • Cavorite crash site – Defrestation – Future Ödlande
  • Blood from a stone threat sector – future Ödlande
  • Wasteland Vault and Elite Wasteland Vault – Vault – Future Wastelands
  • Illusion of truth and unthinkable (elite) – Taskmaster Villain Sector – Future Wastelands

In addition, changes to quests and mission chains have been made to give new players more clarity about the various systems and missions in the game.

This shows the changes:

  • Reigning supreme was removed
  • Vault onboarding has been removed
  • Hive mind was removed
  • The previous version of Cloning Around has been removed
  • Iconic Avengers is unlocked when power level 10 is reached
  • Shield Protocols is unlocked when the power level 20 is reached
  • Beating the odds is unlocked when power level 20 is reached
  • Inhuman Sanctuary is unlocked when power level 30 is reached
  • Last Avenger standing is unlocked when the energy level 130 is reached.
  • Mega Hive is unlocked when the energy level 130 is reached.
  • Omega-level threat: Family reinforcement is activated when the energy level 140 is reached.
  • Twenty sound attack is activated when reaching power level 150
  • Elite Discordant Sound RAID is unlocked when power level 160 is reached