Cheap mobile phone contract – now 6 GB and Allnet

At SIM.de you can now get a very reasonable mobile phone contract: for a tariff with SMS and telephone flatrate as well as 6 GB LTE data volume (max 50 Mbps) in the network of Telefonica you pay only 5.99 euros a month. The normal price for the tariff lies according to the provider at 11.99 euros a month. The special offer runs only until 11 o’clock on Tuesday. Here you find it:

Mobile phone contract: 6 GB & Allnet-Flat for 5.99 € per month at SIM.de

You have the choice between two tariff options: At one, you pay a one-time deployment price of 19.99 euros, but the contract is cancellable monthly. With the other, the minimum contract period is 24 months and for this is the provision price. In both cases, the monthly basic price remains permanent at 5.99 euros, there is no subsequent increase.

How cheap is the tariff offer from SIM.de?

We have looked upon for comparison platforms and found no permanently similar favorable mobile phone contract with at least 5 GB data volume and Allnet-Flat. The best comparable offer we could start at the moment is significantly worse with 5 GB of data volume and Allnet flat for 6.99 euros. In general, it is rare that for tariffs with relatively low data volume and Allnet-Flat only one Euro per GB or less pays.

If you want more data volumes, you can find cheap alternatives. For example, there are at SimplyTel 10 GB LTE and Allnet Flat for 8.99 euros a month. At sim.de Even you can get 15 GB of data volume and allnet flat for 12.99 euros a month. The remaining terms in these two tariffs are similar to the contract with 6 GB at SIM.de.

Mobile phone contract: 6 GB & Allnet-Flat for 5.99 € per month at SIM.de

What is SIM.de?

SIM.de is a brand of the large tariff provider Drillisch, which has been in the mobile business for decades and has specialized in recent years on particularly favorable tariffs in the network of Telefonica. Drillisch’s brands include mobile phone contract, Smartmobil, Maxxim or the simplytel mentioned above.

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Allnet flat supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.