Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki Event Guide

Hyakunin Ikki Day 1 Guide (TRIAL CHARACTERS ONLY FULL REWARDS) Genshin Impact Patch 2.5 Extreme x4
Hyakunin Ikki from Genshin Impact, inaZuman’s battle tournament, returned to the second time with from March 18, 2022 to March 29, 2022 . During the event, you can form up to six teams in two people and provide them with exclusive skills that will help in battle. The goal is simple: to score as many points as possible, defeating enemies!

To participate, you must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Reach the tank of adventure 30 or higher
  • Complete the quest Rito escape plan From Archon Quests Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eviefmy

how to start an event

After completing all the necessary conditions, you will automatically get the quest events called Hagunin Icca: Golden Vortex . He will send you to Kayabuki Ikkeu in the city of Inadzuma. He teleports you to the next Western Islet, where the suspicious door will open in Häkunin Icca. You can directly teleport to it through the icon on the world map.

How to play Hangunin Icca

Teleport to the test zone and interact with the domain to start an event. You can choose one of the six different stages, which will gradually open in the coming days. After selecting the stage, you can configure characters and skills.

character configuration and skills

There are six trial characters with pre-installed characteristics, artifacts, weapons and talents that you can use. If you already have any of the trial characters, you can use either a trial version or your own. You must have at least one character in a command But you do not have to use any trial characters if you do not want.

After creating the command, you can Add Special Event Skills Help them in battle. Do not forget to choose those that are well combined with your chosen characters!

game process domain

After starting the test, the first wave of enemies will appear. Check Measure at the top of the screen to determine which wave you are and how close you are close to the next wave. Usually there are four waves in call.

You will also find arrow below the pressure gauge. When he is green, you can continue to use your team without any consequences. But after the green circle is filled, the arrow will become red, and your damage will become almost zero.

When this happens, switch to the next group to reset the arrow, which will allow you to re-apply normal damage. You can do this by clicking the specified key command on the right side of the screen under the composition of your team.

Although you need to change the command as soon as the arrow becomes red, you can also prematurely switch between commands every 10 seconds , so choose what is best suited for your game style. Continue to repeat this template until the test is completed after the end of the timer.


Each enemy will bring you a certain amount of points that you can track on the left side of the screen during the test. Your goal is to get at least 500 points for the primogem and 2000 points for all other rewards. Do not forget to declare it is through the events menu!

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