Doompest ˝ Overwatch 2 is a tanker, not a dealer ˝

The dumplings that have been active in dealers on the overwatch one on the dealer are tankers. The character capability is reorganized to the tanker in accordance with the role change.


This is revealed through developer online broadcasting on the Overwatch Official Twitter on the 19th. The fact that the dimfests are switched to the tanker in the dealer is that there is a current overwatch two-beta version, and are discharged through the screening person who plays a beta version, and this officially confirmed this time. The dimflucest switched to the tanker is reduced, but the physical strength is upgraded and the same mobile melee is added.

In addition, a specific test schedule for general gamers was released. On April 27, which is on the basis of Korea, the overwatch will proceed to the overwatch 2 private testing, and initially starts with a limited number of persons. If you have purchased one overwatch, you can participate.