LCK, Spring PO Bonnora Corona confirmed players can also participate remotely

DRX vs. KDF | Match80 Highlight 03.13 | 2022 LCK Spring Split
League of Legend Championship Korea (LCK) changed the guidelines for participating in Corona 19 restricted to the Spring Season Playoff. From playoffs, even if you are a confirmed player, you can participate in the game remotely.

The LCK Secretariat released a confirmed participation guideline during the 2022 LCK Spring Playoff, through the Roll E Sports Official website. Recently, as the confirmed cases of league members increases, the team has failed to have a rivalry or failure to exert my competence, and the playoffs have a confirmed team to participate in the game to avoid this case in the playoffs The regulations are changed under. For reference, the reason for changing the rules is that when applied during the season, it is an explanation that it applies a new guideline to the time of playoffs because it can be discriminated.

From playoffs, confirmed players can determine whether they participate in their physicians. If you pass the participating doctor to your email, you can participate in the game in a remote online way in separate quarantine space prepared by each team. In the isolation space, in addition to the front camera, it is possible to rotate 360 ​​degrees, and the camera that can be rotatable, and the audio transceiver can be monitored, and the electronic detector is used to improve the electronic device, whether the electronic device is imported, whether the personal cell phone is shut down, Is expected.

In addition to confirmed players, you can participate in the game, and you can proceed with an emergency callup in two groups, as before when the player is hard to participate in corona symptoms. However, if you decide an emergency callup, it is impossible to re-energize the pleder in the middle of the game.

“If a player who participated in a player who participated in a player who participated in the game remotely online, it is remotely resolved, and it is a reminder that it can be remotely removed.