The cybersecurity mesh: Hope or exaggeration?

The information of a company is one of its most precious goods, it does not matter if it is a small, medium or large company. It is paramount to have such data at good collection, protected correctly.

Sometimes we get news of some security incidents in which it is filtered or stolen confidential information with the consequent harm to the company and its reputation. But not only the image of the brand is affected, when this type of incident is suffering, the company may have legal and economic repercussions, since currently not complying with the Data Protection Act is a very serious infringement that can lead to sanctions.

To prevent the data leakage (data leakage) with warranty, we must take into account the type and value of the information to be protected, assess the possible impact that its theft or loss may cause in the organization, but above all A series of measures must be adopted.

Some of those tools to prevent cyber attacks are: using firewall, strengthening IT team with specialists in cybersecurity, evaluating the permissions that give you access to employees, install trusted VPN software and use antivirus. This will help protect your computer against cyber attacks.

Why use the cybersecurity mesh?

The interest in strengthening and protecting the data of an organization is due to the digital transformation that society has suffered as a result of the crisis of the Coronavirus. cybercrime is increasing and does not know from borders, so it is necessary to have good planning both to avoid these attacks and to know how to act in the event that it occurs.

According to Gartner, the consulting and researcher company of information technologies, one of the best bets to strengthen business security and avoid data leakage is cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA). One of the reasons for your recommendation is that it allows you to save large cost companies to avoid security incidents.

Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture | Cybersecurity Platform
This company has indicated that this is a way to increase the safety perimeter that protects sensitive information in a company. It is a tool that is responsible for * prevent any possible data leakage **. The cybersecurity mesh defines the perimeter around a subject or thing, is an architectural projection that is implemented to scale the control and make it strictly strict. When in the company there is personnel who work away from the physical headquarters of the company, it is necessary that a greater care is established to avoid data leakage.

Gartner emphasizes that the increase in remote work and the increase in digitalization of information has made companies become more vulnerable, which is why the greatest number of security tools are necessary. Companies were not prepared for the rapid adoption of remote work models, which has favored that they do not have sufficient defenses to fight against data leakage both fortuitous and malicious. The fact of having all the information stored in the cloud , which has provided flexibility to employees and customers, has also facilitated access to these sensitive data.

What is a cybersecurity mesh?

A cybersecurity mesh is one of the measures that is consolidating in recent years and that will continue to grow soon. One of the most outlined advantages of the cybersecurity mesh is that can control a greater amount of information than traditional security tools.

Unlike other methods used formerly in which once the first level of access has already been possible, all the information could be had available, with the cybersecurity mesh, the perimeter is personalized.

This system understands that there is no global border, but must be built perimeters around each user to maintain security and apply an identification policy at the access points to which it is allowed to enter through the cloud and not by means of a device.

The cybersecurity mesh manages horizontally distributing the integration of security. This infrastructure must be available for all those employees who develop their work activity in remote, so it is necessary that security policies are updated and IT ** are reinforced. Companies should value the role of cybersecurity specialists to carry out as soon as possible all necessary measures to prevent and control cyber attacks and plan them as acting against a data leakage.

The implementation of the cybersecurity mesh architecture must have a follow-up so that it is updated at all times and is more difficult for hackers to take advantage of the weakness of the identification permissions ** in the cloud to access the network.