Fashion Souls in Elden Ring: shows us the stylish outfits of your heroes!

The internet discourse around Elden Ring is especially spinning about two things: the top ratings and the difficulty level. The former can we fully underline with the conclusion of our test. And at the latter we have some help for you to help you make the journey in Elden Ring something: our entry-level tips, for example, or our multiplayer instructions.

But as soon as you have found the right weapon and the most important items, you should deal with an important topic. For with the heated discussions about valuations and Easy Fashion, many forgot why ELDEN RING (Buy Now / 50.99 €) and the other games of From Software actually goes to look cool!

Fashion Souls and Elden Bling

Since Demon’s Souls has developed a trend in the community of games, in which player does not pay attention to any value of their armor, but instead simply put on the outfit that they like best. Earlier than Fashion Souls designated, plead some newest prank for the term Elden Bling for the term **.

Even though, during the first hours of Elden Ring cool outfits and armor are still in short supply, you will get a whole truckload in creative possibilities in the course of the game, where each fashion show is green before envy. Many of the armor finds you around in the world, some are available at the Nomadian dealers to buy and others are part of one of the many quest series.

I currently ride with the eccentric outfit by the intermediate country, as you can see on the article photo above. The set consists of the hood of the eccentricator, the armor of the eccentricist, the cuffs of the eccentricator and the knee terms of eccentricers. All four armor parts get you as a reward at the end of the quest series of sorceress.

Elden Ring: shows us your heroes!

But now you are! We want to know from you, with which stylish outfits you rock the catwalk of Elden Ring and with which armor you thrill the residents of Limgrave on your deadly fashion showers? Please post us the pictures of your heroes in full Montur in the comments, in the sense of Fashion Souls!

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