Level Infinite, MMORPG Wannyeong Month M CBT in Hot Reaction

Level Infinite has been developed in Tencent San Aurora Studios and said it has ended the CBT (Close Beta Test) of Mobile MMORPG ‘Wannie Temple M’, which is scheduled for its service.

This CBT has been conducted for 9 days from the last sixth to 14th, and achieves anticipation of the recruitment of the participant in the recruitment day.

During the CBT period, we were able to feel the heated heat of the testers, and the worldview of the original work was inherited and the new story line was introduced and a new story line was introduced.

In particular, in a survey conducted during the test period, 97% of the user played ‘Wihan Moon M’ after the formal launch, and 88% had a good response, which replied that there is intention to recommend a game to a friend.

In addition, the universal skills were improved, allowing beginners to play games easily, and they were well enjoyed by MMORPG, who enjoyed it easily and enjoying it in the authentic martial arts.

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In order to seek differentiation, it was also the advantage of being able to play a psychological exhibition such as ‘blocking’ or ‘counterattack’ in all the moon pages.

In addition, high-quality graphics captured eye length, NPC and favorable system have simply expanded the role of NPC as a companion rather than a assistant, complementing the disadvantages of one player.

In addition, various dungeons and bosses, as well as various living contents, delicate costume, decorating elements, etc., have been upgraded to the PC game, resulting in positive feedback.

The company plans to actively converge the opinions that users sent by users in this CBT to release a more complete game.

Meanwhile, the currently in advance, the ‘Wannie Moon M’, achieved 100 dictionaries, as of the last 11 days, and when the pre-reservation is achieved, the pre-reservation is to achieve 1.5 million in the pre-reservation,