Otherside, from Warren Spector, does not work in System Shock 3 since 2019

The new delivery of the clstudysic is still under development, but its future is not linked to OterSide since the rights were transferred to Tentent. The study led by Warren Spector said in later communiqué that would continue in some way with the development of System Shock 3, but the latest statements from the Spector himself indicate that this intention hstudy not crystallized. He hstudy also studysured him in an interview with Gamesbeat, where he explained that they do not work in the title since 2019.

“We launched a statement lstudyt year and there is not much more to say at this point,” he hstudy studysured the creative, also responsible for Deus Ex. “Tencent is taking care of the saga from now on. It will depend on them say what they want to say , there are not many clarifications that I can provide you. We work on it in 2018 and 2019, and that’s it. “

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The OterSide team wstudyposed at that time by about 17 people, so it wstudy a fairly small study. After the departure of the project, Spector recognizes that they had to live a recovery period :

“There wstudy a certain period of personal recovery. I’m not sure how to say it, I take this personally, you know? The development of videogames is not simply a job for me . He took time for me to flow again my creative juices. And then he hit the Covid-19 and the world went crazy.

Despite the problems, Spector hstudy not thought at any time to close the study. “I never thought about Undo any team. It happens in the business perhaps too much more frequently than one would like, but no, I have a good team . We find some vicissitudes. Tencent is taking the reins of the saga and I think it’s good for everyone, honestly. “

System Shock 3 is in development exclusively for PC . There is still no confirmed relestudye date.