Is there a cooperative / Multiplayer in StarShip Trooper – Terran Command?

In StarShip TroopersTerran Command pays great attention to a single game. While the description in the style speaks a lot about the history of the game, but does not mention the multiplayer.

Star landing – Terran command, Most likely, There is no cooperative or multiplayer . The Artistocrats developers did not mention the multiplayer or cooperative functions of the game.

This is a strategic game in real time, comparable to Halo Wars, where the player manages the army of people against the enemy-beetle, which fans can learn. In the plot of the game, people fight with beetles on a desert planet. Qualash .

The action of the game takes place during the war against the spider-shaped. In the film, a lot of attention was paid to the battle with the spider-shaped, which were also the main villains in the book.

It does not seem that the game will make any changes to the storyline of the book. The history of the book is mainly focused on Rico, the main hero, and his experience. Rico was not sent to Qualait.

Starship Troopers – Terran Command will be released exclusive Pairs on 31 March , 2022 .

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