Rangnick kids about Cristiano Ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo now actually “official” the best footballer of all time? It is secured that the Portuguese met at Manchester United 3: 2 victory over Tottenham Hotspur three times, and also that it was the gates 805, 806 and 807 of his career. But everything else, what turned the round on Saturday, stands on so shaky legs like United’s upswing under Ralf Rangnick.

Allegedly, Ronaldo has exceeded the 805 goals, which was once to have achieved the native Viennese Josef “Pepi” Bican in Austria and the then Czechoslovakia, and thus set up a new FIFA record. However, the World Association itself notified Ronaldos World Record and had also called Bicans brand only under reservation.

Ralf Rangnick admits he doesn't know if Cristiano Ronaldo is happy at Manchester United

Rangnick: “That was certainly his best performance since I’m here”

For Ralf Rangnick, that should – unlike possibly for Ronaldo itself, should not be so important anyway. The effect of the CR7 Gala for the present is big enough: United stays in front of Atletico Madrid on Tuesday (21 pm, live! At Cristiano Ronaldo) in the race for another Champions League participation in the race, and a few critical sounds of the last Days are steamed first.

“We showed the reaction we had to show,” said Rangnick on Saturday facilitates at the BBC microphone after setting himself under victorious in front of the game. Although his oppressing style was once again recognizable against the Spurs only in approaches, but United used the mistakes of guests mercilessly – and had just a Ronaldo in his ranks, almost everything succeeded.

“That was certainly his best performance since I’m here,” praised Rangnick and explicitly locked Ronaldos game without ball. Last restlessness had been revealed once, because the 37-year-old had flown in front of United 1: 4 at Derby at Mancity to Portugal, allegedly because he had learned that he was not intended for the starting eleven.

Portugal instead of training? “Maybe we should do that for the rest of the season”

Rangnick had demented this speculation and talked about a hip blesseur, now he smiled away the history of the three-goal-gala: “We have just caught that it may always be useful to send him to Portugal for three days and not two days to have in training – measured that he has trained similarly well on Thursday. After training, I decided to play him, even though he did not train a week. Maybe we should do that for the rest of the season do.”

Ronaldo, now together with the Liverpoolers Sadio Mané and Diogo Jota (all 12) Second of the Premier League Torjägerliste behind Mohamed Salah (20), saw himself confirmed “that we can beat everyone as long as we work hard and standing together,” and wrote on Instagram: “There are no limits for manunited! No matter what!”

He and Rangnick, however, will know that the unrest, which has been expelled from Old Trafford for the time being, could already return to Tuesday night.