A new Set of Lego Super Mario is filtered

As you will know, tomorrow is celebrated the Mar10 Day, day dedicated to the Beloved Plumber of Nintendo. In this way, it was to be expected that great level ads are carried out in a matter of hours. However, it seems that Lego could not contain emotion, since they themselves filtered a new Set Delegate Super Mario, which will be focused on Peach.

Recently, the official account of Lego on Instagram shared a series of images that reveal that the Peach Castle, as well as the same princess, will come to Lego Super Mario within a little . Although this information was eliminated as quickly as possible, many managed to share the photos on social networks.

LEGO Super Mario Summer 2022 Sets OFFICIALLY Revealed

Here we can see new characters for Lego Super Mario, including Toad. In the same way, Peach will have one’s own figure, which it seems that it will not be similar to that of Mario and Luigi. At the moment, a countdown on the official site of this company points to an official revelation on tomorrow, March 10, at 8:00 am (Mexico City Time), so All the details will be shared in a matter of hours.

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Editor’s note:

This was to be expected. Lego Super Mario is a success, and not announcing a new set during the sea10 would have been a wasted opportunity. It is good to see that Peach will finally join the team. Hopefully Wario and Waloigi are the following characters to become lego pieces.