How to get a hoverboard Neugier Gold in Lost Ark

The Neugier Hoverboard fastening is an exclusive TWITCH item. To get it, players will need to watch partner broadcast for four hours and pick up the Mount.

When viewing the affiliate broadcast, players can check their status by selecting the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Right under “Drops” is the execution indicator. As soon as the band reaches 100%, DROP is ready for receipt. When checking the current status, players will be able to confirm that they work over what kind of drop. After receiving Drop, players must make sure that the Steam account is connected to Twitch to buy it.

Lost Ark Twitch Drops

  • First level – Contains a set of 3 chests with combat items, a light currency chest (100,000 silver) and a set of amethyst sakhrd (1,500 fragments).
  • Second level – unlocks one of five paper hats.

How to get the HOVERBOARD MOUNT - Lost Ark Neugier Mount Twitch Drop Guide
* Third level – unlocks four pets
* fourth level – Mount for the NEUGIER hoverboard

Hoverboard Neugier is one of the two that exist in Lost Ark. The other is the Apostel’s Hoverboard, to unlock which a little pharmacy is required. Thus, many players choose a “free” version.

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